A Garden A Day Keeps The Stress At Bay

With research revealing that natural scenes evoke positive emotions, facilitate cognitive functioning, and promote recovery from mental fatigue, LA-based architecture firm, 5+design, has equipped two major green projects with sky gardens and rooftop urban farms. Its luxury residential tower, Crystal Laputa, has been fitted with sky gardens for each unit, effectively restoring the nurturing green space that is often absent within high-rise residential home settings.

Similarly, the firm’s Park Place project located in the dense city of Wuhan, China, incorporates an urban farm within its retail center and weaves punctuated finger parks through the residential buildings.

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About 5+design

Our expertise designing retail environments forms the foundation of our practice and influences all our work. Good retail attracts people, and people drive development. In enclosed or open centers, on High Streets or as part of entire city districts, retail is often the catalyst for many other communal activities. For this reason how retail environments function, how they are experienced, and how they integrate with other uses are key considerations for everything we do. At 5+design, we know that the best retail environments reward three constituents equally ‐ owners, tenants and customers. Successful retail developments must be flexible, intuitive and timely, allowing tenants to refresh or change periodically and customers to circulate comfortably in an atmosphere they enjoy. And while efficient commerce must be provided for, so must opportunities for unexpected moments and discoveries. Our history in retail has taught us the importance of both expertise and openness– a fundamental understanding of core design principles coupled with a willingness to explore and evolve with each new project.

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Source: 5+design

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