Award-winning Green Building in Turkey: Garanti Bank

The Garanti Bank Regional Headquarters was projected by Istanbul based Ozer+Tulgan Architects. The project has been awarded for the International Property Awards 'Higly Commended' and shortlisted for 2014 World Architecture Festival 'Future Projects-Office' category.

Located in Kizilay, city center of Ankara, Turkey, The Garanti Bank Regional Headquarters has been designed as an ecological green building. The building consists of fifteen floors, eight above and seven below the ground. In the basement there are five car park floors (total of 40 cars), a technical floor and a bank branch floor. Above the ground the first two floors belong to the bank branch. Above them there are five office floors and the top floor is the cafeteria serving the whole building.

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The Garanti Bank Regional Headquarters Award Winning Green Building

The main criteria in the green building design process was sustainability and energy conservation. A double facade system has been designed on the south and east facing sides. Due to the climate of the region the double facade system works very effectively.

In winter the hot air forming in the buffer zone (the area between the interior and exterior facade) will be used to support the building heating system and in summer the hot air in the buffer zone will be evacuated with the help of movable glass louvres. The glass louvres will also be used for solar shading and natural ventilation.

Garanti Bank Regional Hq (1)

The buffer zone is accessible from the work zones and it will be used as relaxing area for the employees. It also helps the sound insulation from outside.

The other environmentally conscious systems in the green building project are heat pumps, rain water collection and storage system, green roof and photovoltaic panels (solar energy) which provide the electricity for the exterior lighting of the building.

In the work zones precision light sensors will be used. When the light measured from the light sensor is less than required the controller will activate the amount of led lights needed to just reach the required luminance conditions.

The building will have fire escape stairs and will be fully sprinkled. As passive fire protection spray fireproofing will be used on the structural steel and all the technical areas. Mechanical and electrical shafts and fire zones will have a 2-hour separation. For the server rooms a gas-based fire suppression system will be used.

Garanti Bank Regional Hq Sections

Garanti Bank

Established in 1946, Garanti Bank is Turkey’s second largest private bank with consolidated assets of US$ 109.3 billion as of June 30, 2014.

Garanti is an integrated financial services group operating in every segment of the banking sector including corporate, commercial, SME, payment systems, retail, private and investment banking together with its subsidiaries in pension and life insurance, leasing, factoring, brokerage, and asset management besides international subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Russia and Romania.

Garanti commands a pioneering position in all lines of business through the profitable and sustainable growth strategy it pursued since the day of its establishment. Its competent and dynamic human resources, unique technological infrastructure, customer-centric service approach, innovative products and services offered with strict adherence to quality carry Garanti to a leading position in the Turkish banking sector.

Garanti is not only committed to add value for its customers and shareholders, but also for all its stakeholders and the society. Within this context, Garanti’s long-term support in the areas of culture, arts, environment, education, and sports reflects its commitment as well as its keen sensitivity to sustainability.

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Source: Garanti Bank

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