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If you haven’t investigated the innovative stretch ceiling and wall coverings that are available for commercial and residential remodeling, you are missing out on an incredible option to re do a space.

CLIPSO manufacturers extra-wide knitted fabrics up to 16 ft. These fabrics are made of polyester mesh coated with polyurethane. Combined with a system of high-tech profiles, CLIPSO's heat-shrinkable coverings ensure smooth surfaces, uniform tension and quick installation. The product line includes several translucent fabrics as well as acoustical and anti-bacterial ones: these are prime stretch ceiling and stretch wall covering choices for offices dealing with health care.

Be sure to look and the video above to see how one room needed a little help with a stretch ceiling, and how in just a short amount of time, it became an incredible work of art.

Founded in 1997 by Bernard GEIS, the CLIPSO group today consists of 6 branches across the world: in France, USA, Russia, India and the United Kingdom. The site in Vieux-Thann, France, acts as a production unit, a training center, a logistics centre, a R&D laboratory, a design office, and an administration center.

Since 2007, the CLIPSO group has been managed by Catherine GEIS, who has implemented efficient strategies to develop CLIPSO on an international scale and to favor innovative policies. Today, the group has made its presence felt as a major actor on the PVC-free stretch wall and ceiling covering sector.

CLIPSO’s continuous innovations enable new products to be developed for each market and each customer. These solutions are characterized by their simplicity, ease of use and respect for the environment. These innovations are not only technological ones; they also pioneer in the fields of ergonomics and design.

In 2011 CLIPSO implemented a department called ‘‘Study and Design’’, whose main task is to study feasibility of complex projects submitted by architects and other building professionals. The CLIPSO group also work together with designers to imagine future products.

CLIPSO elected to the Board of Directors of the Pôle de Compétitivité Fibres Grand Est. The network's mission is to promote technological innovation in a spirit of sustainable development.

CLIPSO: Leading French Manufacturer of Stretch Ceiling & Wall Covering Fabrics

Thanks to their one-of-a-kind production facility, the CLIPSO group is the global leader of extra wide knitted fabrics of up to 5 - 10m. CLIPSO is the only extra-wide stretch ceiling and wall brand to manufacture its own coverings.

The key to CLIPSO’s success rests on its core values, based on respect for its colleagues, its customers, its suppliers and its partners. CLIPSO has also established mutual trust with its customers by committing to offering them the best services and products without comparison.

To see CLIPSO’s stretch ceiling / stretch wall architectural fabrics, please continue to their official website at:

Source: CLIPSO – PVC Free coverings for stretch ceilings and walls.

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