Visionary StudiosC Promotes New York City's Growth

Boasting a fresh roster of acclaimed completed projects, including state-of-the-art and eco-design conscious Brooklyn Desks, StudiosC has found its groove in taking any budget across development, renovation or full-scale interior design and creating something beautiful, with always a respectful nod to history.

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StudiosC Continues to Preserve NYC's Legacy

With deep roots in New York City, StudiosC harnesses and promotes the power of collaboration, hand-selects the architects and designers they employ and collaborate with, and always places emphasis on the city, its skyline, and the story each building has to tell.

Of clever and eco-conscious design choices for Brooklyn Desks, StudiosC co-founder and principal Stephen Conte says, “We literally turned trash into treasure.”

Lead by principles Stephen Conte and Carolina Escobar, StudiosC is a client-focused design studio specializing in ground up residential and commercial development, adaptive-reuse and extensive interior renovations.

Both having experience in architecture and design, and having worked on projects in South America and New York since 2002, Conte and Escobar joined forces in 2013 to create a truly collaborative design studio. Whether a new condo building or a beachfront promenade park, StudiosC is adept and passionate in any given architectural or interior design objection.

They breathe new life into old buildings while respecting context and character, and give a sense of scale and proportion to their ground-up developments by applying rigid thought of how materials and light can affect both the exterior experience and interior environments. Notable projects include Brooklyn Desks, Brooklyn Night Bazaar, Lexington Greene, 21 Monitor, and Bar Prima.

Conte recalls the 10,000-square-foot space he first encountered as, “a ‘blank canvas’. The structural columns and the floor slab existed, and that was it.”

The landlord was getting rid of the warehouse’s safety-glass windows, covered in graffiti, so Conte repurposed them. Installed, backlit, at the ends of runs of offices, the windows “bring so much character into the space,” he says.

Another key move was to use one of the world’s least-inspired materials, OSB, in surprising ways... Meanwhile, triangular panels of OSB, some of them dyed on-site, form a bright mosaic concealing ductwork. He also went so far as to clad a whole hallway with OSB rectangles, then apply 1970’s comic-book pages and Life magazine photos to create a playful montage.

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Source: StudiosC

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