Ghass Rouzkhosh: Night of War Embraces Peace

EYES IN Magazine’s own Vivian Van Dijk is very excited to be featuring innovative artist Ghass Rouzkhosh in our upcoming September issue of our magazine. She was thrilled to be able to interview him and gain insight on his incredible talent regarding the “Night of War” masterpiece.

For a week in June, innovative artist Ghass Rouzkhosh was invited to the Grenier des Grands Augustins by the highest French political and cultural influences, as the first and the last artist to paint where Pablo Picasso achieved his worldwide famous painting “Guernica” 80 years ago. This historic site was just closed last Friday by its owners.

“Night of War” can be considered now more than ever, a timeless masterpiece of six meters by three meters. Inspired by Ghass, terrible years passed during the Iran-Iraq war, and he painted with passion just as the Spanish master Picasso did in Guernica so many years ago, showing to the world the nonsense and the devil inside human beings. The violence of war seemed a mantra for peace.

For the 30th birthday of his work, Ghass is gaining worldwide recognition for his unlimited artistic talent, as well as his achievements in the art field. He has spent 15 years working at the GRK Gallery, and the fruits of labor have been paying off; national and private foundations, galleries art experts, media, and collectors are approaching him and celebrating his innovative art.

Ghass Rouzkhosh Art in Majestic Homes

His art is already in the private collection of many royal and presidential families, as well as contemporary art lovers from around the globe. Ghass has shown pieces at art fairs in Miami, Monaco, Dubai, and museums are obtaining his work for their permanent collections.

For the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, Ghass designed furnishings used as the main stage for where international TV channels would interview the stars of Cannes. His seating designs were admired on a global scale, proving to be inspirational for other designers working around his trademarked style.

He has also been selected by the founder of a famous real estate company and creator/owner of a racing team to design an original art concept around the car, the pilot, and the team in its entirety. This is to come in 2014.

A worldwide, famous aeronautic company has privately ordered two specific realizations from Ghass Rouzkhosh for December 2013 and April 2014. His concepts will be used for marketing purposes, and Ghass will work around a mix of sculpture, industrial design, and multi-media.

2013 contains the lucky number for Ghass, as 13 is symbolic for him; it’s the perfect balance in life and the perfect tension of the pulse in the human body. He is taking off to the highest levels of creations in his paintings, sculptures, and now designs .

The GRK Gallery, alongside a famous German gallery owner, made the wish with some of his best clients and investors from Asia that creations by Ghass would have a minimum market value in millions within 2 year’s time. The strategy included participation of art historians, media, museums, and collectors from around the world. Surely they are on the right track to make him become one of the most important and respected contemporary artist of his time.

To visit the official website of Ghass Rouzkhosh, visit:

Source: Golan Rouzkhosh Gallery & Art Concept /

And don’t forget that Editor-in-Chief, Vivian Van Dijk will feature Ghass in our September issue of the EYES IN Magazine. Until then, join us on Facebook and share your innovative art with us!

View the TV trailer for the Ghass documentary below:

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