'Play the Cards' Selected by KissKissBankBank

Artist Julia Alethea's project, Play the Cards, exploring tension in social environments, is selected by the crowdfunding platform KissKissBankBank. This selection means that Play the Cards might come to life, thanks to the crowdfunding of kissbankers who will support this project.

Play the Cards is an artistic project that combines photography with painting. Julia says, "This project has been developing and taking shape for the last few years in my mind... and now it can be brought to life thanks to supporters like you!"

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Concept for Julia's Play the Cards Project

A Note from Julia

"I have been attracted to the symbols on playing cards since I was a child. My grandmother used to host long lasting bridge parties with her friends around a table full of little Hungarian pastries and tea.

"Inspired by the playing cards’ aesthetic, I would like to explore their symbolical meanings and limits through different forms that express artistic tension, superimposition, juxtaposition, mirror effects and playing with the settled codes. The objective is to create 20 tangible artworks over the course of one month that combine painting coupage and my own photography. These works will be exhibited in Paris on my return."

Julia's Play the Cards Project

If this project obtains enough backing during the following weeks, it will be relayed by influential media and opinion leaders (GLAMOUR magazine and Tecknikart are already backing a selection of art projects).

Today it is more than important for me to bring this project to life and share an amazing experience with you!

Why Julia Created Play the Cards

Tension has a double meaning in this project and that it is applied to the essence of playing cards highlights a paradox. Playing cards are meant to be social, to bring people together, to exchange, to share.

Playing with visual tension is a way Julia expresses a kind of social discord. The unbalanced composition of the artwork, the optical effects, and the visual illusions created bring about a socio-cultural reflection and questions social relationships.

Genesis of Play the Cards

The concept took time to develop and has already gone through many iterations. These have included Julia's travels by foot, plane, horse and bike; soul-searching; unfinished creations; useless selfies; obsessive museum visits; unexpected encounters; sleepless nights; doubts, criticisms,
failed efforts, tears and laughter; until she has been finally able to realize her dream project.

Below, you will find a short video illustrating the birth of this idea from the "chaos" of it’s origins. Julia would like to thanks all of you who shared these fabulous moments.

Julia's Play the Cards Schedule

Julia is planning to realize the first series of 20 pieces in New York City during a one-month period this September. She has several reasons for choosing New York City, beyond what might be obvious. Julia says, "First, it is a symbolic city for me as it is the first city that I ever visited across the Atlantic; I was all by myself and only 17 years old. Full of energy and dynamic, NYC inspires me and I am sure to meet people interested by this project who are also willing to participate in the photographic portion. As it will be just after NYC Fashion Week, it will be the perfect time to meet an interesting face, a personality, an expression, an attitude to enhance my artistic project on just about any street corner.

"I will capture and share the emotional aspect with you and will keep you updated regularly via my blog about the progress of my work…and my adventures...."

The exhibition will take place in Paris between December 2014 and January 2015 according to the gallery’s schedule.

About the Artist Julia

Born in Paris from Hungarian-Transylvanian parents, Julia grew up surrounded by weird artists that were always a part of her family’s circle of friends: Japanese sculptors, Brazilian painters, African drawers, Spanish singer, Transylvanian musicians, Hungarian filmmakers, Architects, etc.

It was in a very eclectic environment in which Julia cultivated her own artistic skills trying out various materials and mediums in an ultimate effort to create. She presented her first exhibition in Paris in 2010 before going to California to finish her Masters Degree in Communication and Cinematography.

Today she is working on a new series of artwork combining mixed techniques of photography and painting. She is exploring the different ways of expressing tension visually and inspired by the symbolic and graphic codes of playing cards. The new series of work will be made in NYC during a one-month period in September 2014. NYC is very symbolic in Julia’s heart as it is the first city she in the United States that she visited alone at 17 years old. Following the first series in NYC, she intends on repeating the exercise in various cities across Europe.


KissKissBankBank is the European crowdfunding platform dedicated to creativity and innovation.

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Special thanks to Julia for sharing her latest innovative project with EYES IN™ Magazine!

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