Yasmine Arman Uses Photography to Write With Light

RaawArt is a Gallery specializing in emerging artists in various medias. Their goal is to introduce new talent to the art market by developing innovative projects with the artists themselves. RaawArt is an outfit unlike any other as it offers resources to the artist that they otherwise would not have access to. The artists are guided through the ever-changing artistic market and provided with the support and resources they need to flourish in a competitive and challenging arena.

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RaawArt is not confined to the artistic tastes of one city, state or even country. To date shows have been produced in New York, Paris and London.

Casablanca and Moscow are the next cities to be presented with RaawArts talented artists. These extravagant shows build the artists market by teaming with reputable galleries.

But just as important is the RaawArt online gallery. In today's technologically dependent culture this newly launched website allows one to view and purchase the works of art presented at the shows worldwide. This site is proof of talent RaawArt is proud to represent.

Alexis Gremmel (RaawArt) exclusively presents four new generation artists in the heart of Soho on November 5, 2013. The show will take place on 43 Crosby Street from 6 to 10pm, and the after show right next door at a new place called Chicane. The artists are Es Klein, Josh Chalom, Yasmine Arman and Elizabeth Sutton.

EYES IN is sponsoring the show and featuring innovative artist Yasmine Arman who uses photography to "write with light" showcased in RaawArt.

Alexis Gremmel Raaw Art

About Artist Yasmine Arman

Yasmine Arman was born in New York and was raised both there and in France. Her interest in photography was sparked one summer, when her father gave her a black-and-yellow “kid-proof” camera. She first brought her strong design sense to snapping portraits of her friends, capturing their personal essence with intensity and sensitive expressiveness. She has developed a unique series of “photo-graphs”, created through applying light by hand directly onto photographic paper in a dark room. She has since branched out by combining analog and digital in a series of works in which her line drawings are projected against nudes.

Yasmine has been featured in a number of group shows and a number of prominent collectors both in the United States and Europe have acquired her work.

A Statement by Artist Yasmine Arman

"To me, photography has always been much closer to its original definition as drawing with light, than capturing moments. When I take someone’s portrait, I look for their inner-most light—what shapes their personality. Likewise, when I create a ”Photo-Graph”, I am expressing the very core of what the discipline of photography.

"In the dark room, an environment of both chaos and control, I use both the stylus and my artistic intuition to create new expressions. Exposing the photographic paper to light through the pen allows me to add another layer of direct expression to the image, to further express what is on my mind without the intervention of a negative: “It’s Not Your Fault You Dream,” “Namaste,” “Every Shape Has A Meaning (Applied).”

"When I am tracing the words, I am just as concerned with the composition as I am with the symbolic logic. The line’s gesture becomes just as, if not more important than the word’s value, especially since the nature of the process can make the lines dissolve or become fragmented.

"While I love the uniqueness that stems from the analog physics and optics of my ”photo-graphs,” I have recently begun to introduce a digital element to my work. I re-photograph the drawings and then project the image up against a nude or another surface. It combines my interest in the figure while maintaining the integrity and uniqueness of the original composition. It turns the two dimensional composition into a three-dimensional composition with layered meanings and hierarchies.

Alexis Gremmel RaawArt Yasmine Arman Nudes 4

"Through this process I am allowed to explore the relationship between the line and the limb. To me it will however always be important that the final product has its roots in analog “photo-graphy”, true writing with light.

Source: Alexis Gremmel - RaawArt

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