Gérard Garouste's Obsession Set to Amaze Viewers

Maison Particulière's incredible display of Gérard Garouste's Obsession focuses on the addiction of art and the repetitive processes with which artists and collectors live daily. Maison Particulière personally invited renown painter Gérard Garouste to take part in this extraordinary 13th exhibition.

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Gérard Garouste Impresses Viewers at Maison Particulière

The French artist Gérard Garouste chose this selection of works from his scuptural and pictorial collection, and also imagined his ideal collection from Marcel Broodthaers to Thierry de Cordier, providing an overview of his sensibility.

The collectors invited along with the artist (The Ekard Collection, Chris and Lieven Declerck, Hélène David-Weill, with Myriam and Amaury de Solages) assume their obsessions. They’ve looked in their collection for artworks that show their own obsessions or the recurring characteristics of certain artists that might demonstrate a certain kind of mania. Francois de Coninck and François Rachline & French well-known designer Elisabeth Garouste are two guests taking part in this art exhibition.

Obsession originates from the 'illness' inherent to collectors: art addiction. Obsession also brings to light a typical aspect of artistic research: repetition. Like “the serpent biting its own tail,” collectors and artists, the former by acquiring, the latter by creating, all go in search of what could make sense of the world surrounding us.

In many respects, the emotional charge of this opus is intense: the amount of works presented, sweeping the times, from the Bronze Age until today; the profile of the four invited collectors; the two literary guests, François Rachline and François de Coninck; the invited artist Gérard Garouste, putting himself in the skin of a collector by imagining and choosing, besides his own works, his dreamed collection; and finally, Elizabeth Garouste, his wife, designer.

Obsession is a “hanging of works of art.” More than ever this term is meaningful in this environment, which mixes several collections with the works of an artist. The works are "hung" in a house according to the unexpected dialogues they inspire. The collectors respected the rules of the game that Maison Particulière set out: to choose the exhibited artworks themselves. Indeed, how does one interfere with the obsessions of the others? This is where the particular, the individual, the emotional intervene. It’s from diversity that richness originates.

Their guests often found themselves exclaiming the following words, which appear in no particular order: "intensity, emotional charge, fascination, repetition, accumulation, compulsion, passion, desire.”

About Gérard Garouste

Gérard Garouste was born in France in 1946, he lives and works in France.

Between collective myth and individual story, painter and sculptor Gérard Garouste has constructed a complex body of work that encompasses multiple themes and subjects, among which religious scenes and motifs had played an important role. The artist explains that his only concern “is to question the finality of painting, the status of the artwork as image, and its perception by the viewer.” Garouste’s creations are a reflection of the universal and the timeless, on love, death, wisdom and madness.

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Source: Maison Particulière

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