Norman Mooney Explores Cyclical Synergies of Nature

EYES IN™ Magazine Editor-in-Chief Vivian Van Dijk singled out artists from Marso in Mexico City, while covering the Untitled art fair in Miami. Irish artist Norman Mooney, for one, caught her eye, and we're pleased to share some of his works here.

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Norman Mooney at Marso

Norman Mooney’s works depart from industrial design. His neatly finished pieces made by complex industrial processes, such as compression of glass, aluminum casting, screen printing, etc., deliver pieces that invite us to deep aesthetic and conceptual reflections.

His understanding of space recognizes its temporal aspect. For Mooney space exists not only in relation to time, it is in time. In this sense, Mooney’s work invites us to understand ourselves as co-producers of this space and to stay in the immediacy that belongs only to the present.

That is why his work is only activated when we transit the exhibition space, when the sharp edges of the objects force us to become aware of our own body; it happens when our eyes seek to focus the inexorably amorphous figures of his carbon installations, and through the vibration that is triggered through the lights, darks and the colors of his drawings; it occurs when light defragments passing through his glass sculptures.

Norman Mooney Bio

Norman Mooney studied at the Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork and completed his BFA at the National College of Art in Dublin in 1992. He then received the distinguished honor of participating in the Third Degree program at the Irish Museum of modern Art from 1992 to 1993. In 1994 he relocated to New York City and has been exhibiting locally and internationally for more than 16 years. Recent exhibitions include, "1, 2, 3 Volume" at the Siqueiros Museum in Mexico City, Beyond Borders in Abu Dhabi, Close your Eyes at Martine Chaisson in New Orleans and "Wall Flowers" at Causey Contemporary in New York.

Norman Mooney makes works that are at once physical and metaphysical. His works explore the elemental and cyclical synergies of nature. Materiality, pattern, scale and experience are key concerns within his practice. Norman makes sculpture, interior and exterior installations, drawings and works on paper, his methodology is one of experimentation and process with materials such as smoke, glass, steel and resin.


Marso is an independent curatorial initiative and gallery dedicated to promote international contemporary art in Mexico and Mexican contemporary art in other countries.

They collaborate with museums, foundations and cultural institutions in Mexico and abroad.

Based on a rigorous curatorial selection, they work with established artists while promoting the careers of new talent both Mexican and foreign. They run a residency program, local artist's workshops and a permanent public educational program.

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Source: Marso

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