Notes on Undoing Shines Spotlight on Croatian Art

Garis & Hahn and Ikon Arts Foundation are pleased to present Notes on Undoing, a group exhibition of established and emerging Croatian artists curated by Branka Bencic. Featuring photography, film, drawing, painting and mixed media work by Igor Eskinja, Vlatka Horvat, Igor Grubic, Tina Gverovic, Zlatko Kopljar, Dino Zrnec, Marko Tadic, Damir Ocko, Hrvoje Slovenc, Viktor Popovic and Ljiljana Mihaljevic. Notes on Undoing is the first survey of Croatian contemporary art at the gallery.

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Notes On Undoing Showcases Croatian Artists' Talent

Notes on Undoing brings together a group of artists with a shared cultural heritage and diverse practices all centered on exposing, unpacking and exploring the dominant assumptions that inform the perspectives of the viewers and the artists themselves. Viewers will observe these artists tackling their practices with disparate yet connected approaches: some show an interest in the experience of how the body or object relates to its environment. Alternately, others choose to focus on the experiences particular to the artist for example, the relationship between the artist and the institution, or the presentation of work in a space. Curator Branka Bencic further elaborates: “Artistic positions engage with issues of (re)presentation, structure and construction of the work of art, or the act of ‘exhibiting’ itself, pointing to tensions between the observer and the observed, exploring spatial relationships and interactions between objects.”

The exhibition space provides ample material for the exploration of these relationships. Artists Igor Eskinja and Vlatka Horvat both destabilize the viewer’s interaction with space. Eskinja’s photographs challenge and upend traditional notions of the image space relationship. Horvat’s wall mounted Equivalents series of diptychs and triptych, created from 'non art' materials, bring into question the viewer’s relationship to the artwork. Viktor Popovic's work takes this a step further. H is site specific found object sculptures bring 'non art' materials into the gallery context to expose the tenuous relationship between the art and the exhibition space. Tina Gverovic’s work, a collection of drawings from her 2013 residency at the Tate modern, explore her interest in methods of integrating her work into the architecture of an environment.

Artists Dino Zrnec and Marko Tadic seek to build on the history of their respective media through their practices. Zrnec treats his large paintings as a series of experiments eager to manipulate the canvas and explore new relevancies in famed techniques pours paint from one canvas to another. The work, while reminiscent of abstract expressionist stain paintings, pushes the form into the twenty first century. Tadic, who works in collage and animation, constructs visual environments with precise and confident shapes, taking the medium of stop animation to a new place with Until a Breath of Air. Damir Ocko will show three collaged photo compositions which, much like Tadic’s work, use the form of collage to create meaning in layers and juxtapositions.

In the range of approaches exhibited in Notes on Undoing, the viewer may observe the ways in which these artists’ deconstruct and 'undo' the assumptions and structures around them. At the same time, their works create and reveal new frameworks and relationships within these realms.

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Source: Garis & Hahn

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