Abu Dhabi Art Features Eye-Opening Designs

Following a successful Abu Dhabi Art 2012, which was held from November 7-10, 2012, the upcoming fifth edition (20 – 23 November 2013) of Abu Dhabi Art will present an even more exciting program of art, talks and performances that brings together the world's top galleries, artists, notable cultural icons, collectors and visitors from across the globe. Carpenters Workshop Gallery will be again participating. EYES IN is pleased to share a few highlights from their show.

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Lathe I Gold by Sebastian Brajkovic Abu Dhabi Art 2013

Lathe I (Gold) by Sebastian Brajkovic - a Brief Bio

Sebastian Brajkovic explores the notion of ‘turning’ through his sculptural furniture....As he began to grow up, Brajkovic’s fascination manifested itself in painting and sculpture....Brajkovic began to develop a keen interest in the discrepancy between art and design. Exploring the possibilities of this point, where each medium begins to intersect with the other, has fuelled his practice ever since. Brajkovic graduated from the Academy [of Eindhoven] in 2006 with his project Lathe and almost immediately created a huge impact on the design-art world. His pieces have found homes in some of the most significant private collections.

The Lathe series, expanded for his first solo show at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in 2008, returns to his original fascination with rotation. The Lathe Tables at once illustrate and innovate the idea of turned furniture. {The spinning motion of a lathe forms both the table’s creation and its decoration. The rotation is visible on the table’s exaggerated profiles and on the layers of concentric whirls that constitute its surface.} Through his in depth explorations of the theoretical and the technical, Brajkovic creates an aesthetic balance of structure, freedom and form.

Brajkovic expresses a series of constant contradictions: between past and present; theory and practice; convention and innovation. Such differences motivate and inspire his practice, as he himself explains: “When I like the old, I show the new in the old. When I am drawn to function I consider the deconstruction of this function, when I convey movement, it best explains itself in stillness. Juxtapositions reveal each other’s appearance.”

Aladin Spaghetti Bench by Pablo Reinoso Abu Dhabi Art 2013

Aladin Spaghetti Bench by Pablo Reinoso - a Brief Bio

The park bench image above is by artist Pablo Reinoso. Pablo Reinoso has practiced sculpture since he was a teenager. For a long time he worked mainly with wood, slate, marble, brass, and steel. He focused his search on articulation and metonymy as well as on space and time. In 1995 he decided to extend his practice to other materials. This radical change allowed his sculptures to rid themselves of the obligations of a matter. To “materialize” this change, he chose air.

Made out of cloth, his installations are divided into three metaphorical breathing typologies, namely, Breathing, Persistent, and Contracting. As an example, Breathing installations are equipped with fans that are turned on at regular intervals, creating an impression of visual and auditory breathing (Breathing monochromes series begun in 1995). At the same time, they show the interdependent relationship between breathing and life.

It is also in the 1990s when Pablo Reinoso consolidates his position as a designer. He designs furniture (Pocketable, 1998) and a great number of objects, especially since 1997, when he starts a new path between commercial strategy and art within the LVMH group. He becomes artistic director of Parfumes Givenchy in 2000 and Parfumes Loewe in 2002, where he designs perfume bottles and cosmetic lines. At the same time, he creates a bench for the Japanese city of Fukuroi (2000), in the outskirts of the soccer stadium that becomes a venue for the World Cup in 2002. He creates a new League Cup for the Ligue de Football Professionnel (2003), and works on the League’s institutional image.

Used to changing paths, the artist show us that function and form are not evident. In time, an objectivation of his art work emerges. He combines his work as sculptor and designer, reinterpreting furniture and placing it in new paradigms (The last chair, 2001).

Since 2002, his installations reveal more than ever the sensitivity of his work (Ashes to ashes, 2002; A la mesa, 2003; My 97 sq ft Saint Sulpice square, 2003), insidiously pushing the imaginary toward the border with chaos.

Night Sky by Wendell Castle Abu Dhabi Art 2013

Night Sky by Wendell Castle - a Brief Bio

Wendell Castle’s work is recognized for its sardonic sense of humor and uniquely sculptural use of materials. He has continually reinvented himself for half a century, approaching 80 years old with no signs of slowing down. Often credited as the founding father of the American Crafts movement, and the Art furniture movement, changing the way we view furniture and expanding the possibilities of design and art, Castle has redesigned sculpture and design by seamlessly fusing the two into one discipline. Born in Kansas in 1932, Wendell Castle received a B.F.A. from the University of Kansas in Industrial Design in 1958 and an M.F.A. in Sculpture, graduating in 1961. He moved to Rochester, New York to teach at the School of American Craftsmen and established a permanent studio in the area, which is still operating today.

The artist creates unique pieces that often go beyond the traditional boundaries of design, placing him in a niche that has puzzled those wanting to make a specific distinction between designers and sculptors. His furniture designs for residential clients, public spaces and a number of churches represent a unique exploration of the qualities and possibilities of wood and fibreglass, experienced at a high level of craftsmanship.

He is now amongst the pantheon of great contemporary designers, whose work can be found in the permanent collections of over 40 museums and cultural institutions, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Museum of Modern Art in New York and The White House, Washington.

Swarm Light detail by Random International Abu Dhabi Art 2013

Random International / SWARM

Random International / SWARM from Mathilde Prieur on Vimeo.

Abu Dhabi Art Fair

Abu Dhabi Art presents museum quality artworks from modern, contemporary art and design galleries. This year includes a wide spectrum of installations and large-scale sculptures, as well as a new sector titled Artists’ Waves that places the discovery and re-discovery of artists at the core of Abu Dhabi Art, through a curated exhibition.

Source: Carpenters Workshop Gallery for Abu Dhabi Art

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