Amandine Mallen Creates Beautiful 'Parisian Deco'

EYES IN Magazine Editor-in-Chief Vivian Van Dijk attended Haute Couture of Paris Fashion Week. She was incredibly impressed by the vision of the unique designs of Amandine Mallen. Vivian says, "Amandine Mallen's extraordinary jewelry pieces bring to mind the glorious, bold world of Art Deco, which Amandine gives a modern twist. Relating her designs to cultural icons, these strikingly beautiful artworks, like the Eiffel Tower, show the Art Deco signature in her work."

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Amandine Mallen

Amandine Mallen is a Parisian-based designer who travels between Los Angeles, London and Paris. She searches the globe for style inspiration and is strongly influenced by the rich French cultural aesthetic with its bold design elements and subtle hues of blues and greens to deep, vivid reds.

Since Amandine was a child, she was always mesmerized by the fascinating world of jewelry. From simple trays of beads to the world of fine gems, she has had a lifetime of making adornments for those around her and always appreciates the reward of finding a jewel that special home.

Amandine has been instrumental in creating fine jewelry for several brands including a floral collection for Asprey, another for the former Crown Jeweler, Garrard and also for Robert Procop, her long-term mentor in the jewelry world, with the Style of Jolie collection.

She has experience in every aspect of the business from gem selection and trading to creating bespoke jewels for an elite clientele, including celebrities and royalty alike.

Working on various commissions throughout the years, Amandine has obtained vast knowledge and experience taking clients through a design process, arriving at a perfectly realized jewel that meets that client's specific vision. She works closely with her customers making sure every detail fits the design idea while ensuring the finished piece is expertly crafted with the finest quality materials.

Specializing in large single stone designs with a talent for working on individual commissions, Amandine is a sought-after designer for her creative and expertly crafted jewels and collections.

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Image credit: Vivian Van Dijk
Add'l Source: Amandine Mallen

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