Experience the Power of an IKEA Bookbook

Where the everyday begins and ends. This year’s IKEA catalog is full of ideas for making the most of your bedroom and bathroom. Because that’s where we begin and end every day. And if everyone can make the everyday begin and end in a nicer way, just imagine the effect on life! For 2015 IKEA has provided a fun look at life before smartphones, wearable technology and touch screens.

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The 2015 IKEA Ideas Catalog, aka the bookbook

IKEA offers their 2015 IKEA Ideas Catalog with a tongue-in-cheek look at what the technology of the 'bookbook' offers.

Pre-installed with thousands of home furnishing ideas

-328 hi-definition pages
-Less than 400 grams

Never before has so much inspiration been crammed into such a sleek package. Experience the unbelievable clarity of inkjet-printed paper as you navigate page after page of inspiring home furnishing ideas.

Eternal Battery Life

Always on standby, all day long, forever.

A breakthrough in battery life is here. The 2015 IKEA Catalogue comes fully charged, and stays fully charged, until the end of time. Astonishing.

-The original touch interface

Simply touch and drag to browse

Touch interfaces are nothing new, until now. With just the lightest of swipes, you can actually ‘feel’ the pages move as you navigate the content. Right to left to move forward, left to right to move backwards. Intuitive. Tactile. Revolutionary.

Instant page loads. No lag.

Every page loads at the speed of light. Literally.

How is it possible that load times have been reduced to zero? It just is. This allows for a fantastic new feature, speed browsing. Simply hold the catalogue in the palm of your hand, and using your thumb, flip as fast as you can through the content. You will never see a single page load. It’s like they’re always just there.

The IKEA Concept

For the many people

The IKEA Concept starts with the idea of providing a range of home furnishing products that are affordable to the many people, not just the few. It is achieved by combining function, quality, design and value - always with sustainability in mind. The IKEA Concept exists in every part of our company, from design, sourcing, packing and distributing through to our business model. Our aim is to help more people live a better life at home.

Bringing the IKEA Concept to life

The IKEA Concept comes to life in many ways: Through our worldwide stores, in the IKEA catalog, via the web and apps, and most importantly in millions of homes around the world.

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Source: IKEA

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