Gallery ALL Opens With Zhoujie Zhang: 'Digital Tornado'

Gallery ALL is pleased to announce the opening of its new 2,400 square foot gallery with a two-person exhibition of new work by the celebrated Chinese designers Naihan Li and Zhoujie Zhang on Saturday, May 3. This inaugural exhibition marks the first-ever stateside show for both designers and is reflective of Gallery ALL’s overall mission: to introduce exceptional works of contemporary furniture and showcase the most cutting-edge, experimental design from around the world.

EYES IN Magazine featured creator Zhoujie Zhang in a previous edition.

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Gallery ALL Opening and Vision

The dynamic space will feature a rotating program of large-­scale exhibitions, events and presentations, from an international cadre of designers, artists,
and architects located in the historic Bradbury building in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

“There are many young, talented, and promising designers all over the world, but very few get the chance to present their works to a global market,” explains Qinqyun Ma, co-founder of Gallery ALL. “By fusing the worlds of art and design, we are creating a lifestyle that crosses cultural and economic boundaries, providing them with a platform in Los Angeles and the opportunity to reach an international audience,” adds Ma.

For Gallery ALL’s inaugural exhibition, Naihan Li and Zhoujie Zhang present new bodies of work, expanding on their most notable designs.

Naihan Li, known for her practicality and multi-­purpose work, will present a series of furniture that replicates finely finished shipping containers made of stainless steel, which open to reveal instantly functional household and office environments. Known at The CRATES series, Li has expanded on the collection for Gallery ALL to include a writing desk, tea table, and sofa bed. Inspired by Beijing’s ever-­shifting urban landscape as well as the transient lifestyle shared by most Chinese today, Li’s versatile designs are mobile enough to easily roll in to any studio, loft, or gallery space.

Zhoujie Zhang, though trained in classical arts, is widely recognized for his futuristic designs, perhaps even calling galactic travel to mind. Zhang’s practice emphasizes the role of the computer and utilizes parametric mathematics to digitally generate permutations of his design, all created in his in-house studio, the “Digital Lab.” For Gallery ALL, Zhang created his iconic stainless steel furniture series Triangulation Series in brass for the first time. The collection is comprised of four multi-­faceted chair models and one table design, aptly titled Digital Tornado, each produced in a limited edition of 12 pieces.

“We are curating our collection by choosing individual pieces that are truly unique. Rather than following a set of industry rules or traditions, our approach is more playful and spirited, treating the designs we find interesting as part of the enrichment of our daily lives,” continues Xiao Lu, managing partner of Gallery ALL, Los Angeles.

Qinqyun Ma and his partner, co-­founder Yu Wang, share a similar attitude in that they are constantly challenging boundaries—be it through the exploration of materials, non-­traditional processes, or the fascination with bold and experimental designs—their collective purpose is to introduce the world to design that is remarkably distinctive from what is currently offered in the mass market.

Nahihan Li (b. 1981 Harbin, lives in Beijing) studied design and architecture at London’s Bartlett School of Architecture. Her first work as a designer was as a collaborator with artist Ai Weiwei, and in 2010, opened her own design studio. In 2011, under Ai Weiwei’s art direction, Li designed the “Un-­Named” section of the Gwanjiu Design Biennale where she also exhibited. Li has been nominated for the 2012 Design of the Year Award by the Design Museum, London. She was a featured designer the China Design Market at Milan Design Week (2010, 2011) and Beijing Design Week (2011).

Zhoujie Zhang (b. 1984 Ningbo, lives in Shanghai) earned his Master of Arts in Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins College (2010), London. He returned to Shanghai and established an in-­house workshop shortly thereafter. Zhang’s designs have been widely exhibited to include Project Milano Mi Fa Male, during Milan Design Week (April 2009); 100% Design, London (September 2011); and, IMM [D3] Design Talents, Cologne (January 2012), among others. In the last three years, Zhang has acquired prestigious awards including the ELLE Deco Young Designer of the Year (2012), IF Design Award China (2007) and the SHDC 50/100 Young Talent of the Year (2012).

About Gallery ALL

Gallery ALL pushes the boundaries of design through the exploration and experimentation of materials, intersecting the disciplines of architecture, technology, and design. With fabrication facilities in both Beijing and Tucson, Gallery ALL has unmatched research and production capabilities. This serves to encourage progressive manufacturing practices, facilitates expert craftsmanship, and offers the designer a more holistic approach to design, fabrication, and display.

Design Philosophy of Zhoujie Zhang

Process is more important than the result,
the story is more important than the style and
the possibility is more important than utilities.

As an independent designer, Zhoujie Zhang believes that good design is inspired by process. By continuously forming new concepts throughout the course of development and production, the creation is a constant progression of its evolution.

Zhoujie’s works and design principles are based on spontaneity, taken from the philosophies of Taoism. This philosophy reflects his understanding of ACTIONLESS, which pays respect to the logic of mathematics and the laws of a digital environment.

The Brass Collection is the first series of objects developed with Endless Forms, Zhoujie’s own digitalized fabrication system that generates an ever-changing family of objects. With a role as more of creator rather than designer, Zhoujie’s designs appear as though viewing the world through a kaleidoscope, looking at the infinite possibilities.

With his practice dedicated to the development of a digitalized fabrication system, Zhoujie’s goal has been to create a system with an ability to transform digital programs into real objects. In the near future, people will be able to participate in the creation; design a customized chair through the digital system and select different materials of their choice. This brand new, artificial intelligence design concept will fit better into the life and preferences of each individual, and, the interaction between product and human will be deepened. The process of design will evolve from single physical phase to a systematic level.

Zhoujie’s goals for his future collection of works is to engineer designs that utilize progressive elements such as macromolecular materials and titanium.

Source: Zhoujie Zhang and Gallery ALL
Photo Credits: Weldon Brewster and ZhangZhoujie Digital Lab

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