Rose Pavilion ‘Blooms’ for 2014 Winter Olympics

The Rose Pavilion in Sochi, Russia will premier at the XXIV Winter Olympics in 2014 as a media hub. The appearance of the Rose Pavilion was devised by parametric design techniques. The final architectural form resulted from an analysis of material properties and engineering calculations, taking into account local climatic conditions.

These pointed to a preference for a domed structure in order to inimize the effect of snow loads. Collaboration between architects, engineers and biologists made possible the creation of an architectural aesthetic harmonious with the beauty of the natural environment.

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Sochi was selected as the host city on July 4, 2007, during the 119th I.O.C. Session held in Guatemala City, defeating bids from Salzburg, Austria, and Pyeongchang, South Korea. The Sochi Olympics will be the first Winter Olympics (and first Olympics altogether) for the Russian Federation, since the 1980 Summer Olympics were in Moscow when that was the capital of the Soviet Union.


About Rose Pavilion Architect Dimitry Demin

Dimitry Demin is an innovative architect and engineer with degrees from universities in Russia, Germany, and Switzerland. He is also a thinker, writer, and film producer in the field of marrying imaginative modern architecture with hi-tech precision engineering to conjure up buildings which are ecologically sound and aesthetically ground-breaking.

In both building and research he focuses on integrating aesthetics with high-precision engineering through computer technology, and has a broad perspective which involves collaboration with mathematicians, biologists, material scientists, economists and archaeologists. In philosophical terms, he incorporates a multi-dimensional concept of time as an independent mathematical entity into the aesthetics of architecture.

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