Eye-Opening Gallery Exposes India's Exotic Culture

India: Another way of Seeing, is an eye opening photo gallery by Formento+Formento showcasing the real life drama and cultural differences that Indians go through every day.

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New Gallery Showcases India's Vibrant Culture

"We were fortunate to meet such amazing people on this first trip to India. Richeille and I based out of Mumbai for 21 days, we tried to lift individual moments out of the mad rush, the unfiltered motion, the day to day in a country that is constantly attempting to balance tradition and modernity, religious and secular values, cultural realities that are caught up in the push-and-pull of a nostalgic past and an imagined future. We tried to hold these images in place, make them wait, but India, she is very finicky. We return in the fall, hopefully this time she will let us in.

We want to show the chaos and the peace, that ‘very fine balance’ between the cinematic and the real, to tell stories of unexplained wonders and drama that are rendered from actual lives and experiences. To show you what you don't know. Perhaps a slight exaggeration of real life-something that is more intense and dramatic. A heightened representation of real life, like a parallel universe. To lure you in with our lighting and our staged scenes, to a place that is so beautifully fucked up. To show the dark things happening-things that might not be pleasant to watch, but the lighting aestheticizes them and makes looking at the photographs irresistible." said BJ, head photographer at Formento+Formento.

Duane Michals once said "the creative act is going from the known to the unknown, always an anxiety provoking business, The greater the risk, the greater the opportunities for disaster, the greater the chance for an encounter with the wonderful. It's like being a circus aerialist performing without a net."

About Fomento+Fomento
This dynamic husband-wife team have made an art of their unique strain of photography. Exuding an eerie sensuality combined with a narrative cinematic sensibility, the ambiguous nature of the characters and scenarios remind us of David Lynch and Hopper-esque landscapes.

They couldn't have landed in the photographic landscape at a more opportune moment. With the enormous interest in their work—success is eminent. Vogue Italy has been a forerunner and loyal supporter of their work, as well as cutting edge magazines like Aesthetica and Wolf magazine.

2012 was a breakthrough year for F+F. They were nominated top finalist to Vogue’s New Exposure Competition working with Bottega Venetta and Red Digital Camera. Vogue Italia have included their work in Corso Como exhibitions the last two consecutive years singling them out of thousands of candidates. Amazing response from the shows at Art Basel Miami Beach, Aipad and Armory NYC.

Solo exhibitions across Europe starting in Paris, London, Berlin, Stuttgart and Dusseldorf. Their work also been exhibited in New York at Traffic Art Space and Edelman Arts Gallery in February 2013. The most notable event this year is the publication of their first coffee table book by YK editions, as well as a film to promote the book which has been shown this fall at the Pompidou in Paris. Fahey Klein Gallery has offered them the coveted summer slot and the inaugural exhibition of Japan Diaries. A Photo Shanghai booth dedicated to their works Circumstance, September 2014. The inaugural exhibition of "She is Cuba" at Art Miami 2014 was received with great applause as well as the celebrity studded opening at Miami Fahey Klein and Chrome Hearts during Art Basel 2014.

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Source: Formento+Formento

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