Massimo Gardone Interprets 'Lucid Dream' for ITS

Photographer Massimo Gardone approaches the world of fashion design interpreting 'Lucid Dream,' the new concept for the fashion contest ITS 2014. A collaboration with Fabio Bressan, creative director of Triest's event. Undisputed protagonists of lucid dreams are the "oneironauts": experts in such an experience, they can both sleep consciously and act within their dream, modifying it and leading it towards the desired directions up to a limit beyond which such dream would vanish, taking them back to the real world.

Gardone deploys a particular composition – already used in the field of design – that is, two shots taken at distinct times, with different, opposing lights. Such association thus creates an abstract effect, one of an intangible stillness, generating at the same time an actual vertical parting that represents the balance between the rational and the unconscious sides of a lucid dream.

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Massimo Gardone Lucid Dreams ITS2014_SEX

Massimo Gardone Lucid Dreams

The new image of International Talent Support speaks of lucid dreams, the subject of 2014's competition. Produced by superimposing two frames made with opposing lighting, the image produces an abstract effect of intangible stillness, while defining a clear vertical line of division that represents the balance between the subconscious and the rational side of lucid dreams. Such an effect also creates some unexpected contrasts on the clothes, the true subjects and key players in the event, which are enriched by 3D elements, as if idealizing their look/performance.

Massimo Gardone Lucid Dreams ITS2014_OCEANS

Photographer Massimo Gardone

A photographer since 1982, he specializes in visual communication and, in a wider sense, in any possible form of contamination with graphic design, video, art and design. He finds it comfortable to work in his studio, at his own pace and with his tribe. His work has contributed, often crucially, to building the image of important Italian and international firms.

His flowers are the connective tissue of books and publications, an integral part of objects of design such as lamps, ceramics, tables and carpets for companies like Foscarini, Moroso, Ceramica Viva, Nodus, Aboca, Jannelli & Volpi, Bassetti and Bompiani. Decisive, too, have been his contributions as director of photography to videos such as N+N Corsino’s "Amorces intimes", presented at the museums of fine arts of Shanghai, Beijing and Canton, and Alice’s video clip "Non ero mai sola." He has also produced the videos "Infinity" and "Inspire," both for Foscarini.

His works have been included in a number of solo and group exhibitions at the Revoltella Museum in Triest, Ugo Carà Museum in Muggia, Forni Gallery in Bologna. Lumans Editiongalerie take his pictures from Berlin to Europe, the United States and Australia.

Massimo Gardone Lucid Dreams ITS2014_GAMES

ITS and Lucid Dreams

International Talent Support ITS started out as a fashion competition and fashion is and always will be a big part of ITS DNA. Fashion is also at the core of the development of the other contest areas. It would have been much more difficult to arrive this far without the support of a major brand like DIESEL that joined since the very beginning, providing tangible support especially through the assignment of the Diesel Award, a life-changing experience for one of the fashion competition finalists.

Eyes on Talents, the online platform used by global design-led brands and publications to discover and connect with today's best talent, is pleased to present the Eyes On Talents Award. The winner could be chosen among the ITS FASHION finalists and will receive €3,000 and featured profile communication to all Eyes on Talents member brands.

The Italian Fashion Council is the non-profit Association which disciplines, co-ordinates and promotes the development of Italian Fashion and offers the Camera Nazionale della Moda Award, a prize of €2,500 for the winner + a 6-month internship at Trussardi.

The Modateca Award assigns €3,000 to the most interesting knitwear collection and invites the winner for a visit of the unique Modateca Deanna Archive.

The SHOWstudio Prize awards the chosen fashion designer with the opportunity to create a SHOWstudio fashion film of their collection. The film is developed in collaboration with the winner, and is mentored from concept through to the final edit by Nick Knight and the SHOWstudio team. The film will be shot in London and will launch exclusively on SHOWstudio,com, within a tailor made project featuring written content and a contributor profile for the designer. In addition, the garments featured in the fashion film will be made available for sale in the SHOWstudio Shop.

Vogue Talents, the section dedicated to talents of the website and included once a year as a supplement of Vogue Italia in September, is back as media partner of ITS 2014 and will offer to an ITS FASHION finalist the Vogue Talents Award: the publication within 2014 on the Vogue Talents website of a photo shoot & interview, plus a feature in the September supplement.

For the Finals of ITS 2014, about 10-15 finalists will be selected to come to Trieste, Italy, for a showcase of the highest expressions of creativity from the world’s leading fashion schools.

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Source: Massimo Gardone and ITS

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