The Exposure Award

The Exposure Award Announces Grand Prize Winner

With views from over 4 million photo enthusiasts from around the world (and more to come), The Exposure Award has quickly become one of the largest global celebrations of photography. The second round of judging has concluded and the Grand Prize Winner has been announced.

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Gabriela Torres Ruiz Named Exposure Award Grand Prize Winner

The Exposure Award jury was thrilled to announce the final selected photographers of the Fifth Annual Exposure Award. There is a thing one does when presented with a work of extraordinary beauty. We lean in. We peer deep into the details, attempting to consume, or at least understand the workings of a mind that produces such a clear vision. This has been their response to the work of Gabriela Torres Ruiz.

Her series of diptychs are intended to suggest a theme of silence. The work evokes both silence and meditation, certainly, but also so much more. The story told within these images is rich with layers. As with all great works, what you see in these photographs is a reflection of your own mind as much as the artist. When I peer deep into these astonishing images, I see the story of man as nature.

These scenes are stark visions of the man-made set in a poetic balance with photos of raw earth. The symmetry is striking. The delicate degradation of the interior spaces is like a softly whispered ode to the long passage of time. We are all, after all, the stuff of the cosmos. Every man made thing is born, at some point, from the Earth. And in the end, everything we make will eventually return dust. It is a great honor to present Gabriela Torres Ruiz of Mexico City as the final selected photographer of the Fifth Annual Exposure Awards.

Gabriela Torres Ruiz had this to say about her work: "Over the last few years I have been looking for natural landscapes and spaces that suggest an idea of silence, with the intention of giving it a tangible form through my own photography. This body of work was born back in 2009 with my first visit to Iceland and the fascination for the beauty, melancholy, loneliness and abstractness of the Icelandic landscapes.

Later on, I discovered places that have been dislodged from their original context, abandoned, or forgotten. Thus the core theme in my work is the silence, in nature as well as in spaces of disintegration and decay as an indicator of the inevitable and progressive passage of linear time. Inspired by painters from the 19th century, I attempt to evoke to meditation by combining visual material in a way that resembles the arrangement of words in a poem, seeking a balance among them and blurring the boundaries between the naturally-occurring and the man-made, between painting and photography in a series of diptychs and triptychs.

Each work, part of a series, could function independently, however, when combined, the dialogue and the balance between them manages to convey my own system of seeing and understanding. In some occasions I add new layers in order to create fictitious and mystical spaces, dream-like imagery and fantasy landscapes. I try to create atmospheres that are located between fact and fiction, reality and imagination."


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Source: The Exposure Award

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