The Art of Flying

Editor-in-Chief Vivian Van Dijk had the pleasure to attend "The Art of Flying" event at The Plaza Hotel in Manhattan in celebration of the release of the wonderful book by Josh Condon. She looks forward to a future interview with Prosper Assouline, founder of the luxury book publisher Assouline, whose books she has always greatly admired, as well as an interview with the sponsor of  'The Art of Flying', Mr. Thomas Flohr, the Founder and Chairman of Vistajet.

Beginning with the jet age of the 1940s and 1950s, air travel has been at the forefront of technology, culture, and luxury. The Art of Flying explores its fascinating evolution, curating a vibrant cultural history from the mid-twentieth century to the present. From technological developments such as pressurized cabins and the Concorde to the flair of custom crew uniforms by renowned designers including Dior, Emilio Pucci, and Moncler, as well as its interplay with architecture and art, air travel throughout history has been at once a reflection of its time and a symbol of the cutting edge. In partnership with VistaJet and lavishly illustrated with over seven decades of imagery, The Art of Flying celebrates the golden past and the dream of luxury air travel today. 

"Since the birth of passenger air travel, airlines have celebrated the glamour of flying," said Josh Condon.

Editor and writer Josh Condon has covered travel, technology, fashion, automotive, and more for publications including The New York Times, Men’s Journal, and Road & Track. He is currently senior editor at Details magazine in New York City.The Art of Flying is available for purchase at Assouline boutiques worldwide and through

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About Assouline

Assouline began with the belief that beauty can transform our lives, and that a book artfully crafted and highly considered in its visual content can open our eyes and minds. With our first book, La Colombe d’Or, we sought to convey the experience of a small hotel in the south of France—a tiny, sublime world of art, history, luxury, and inspiration unto itself. Over two decades, the Assouline universe is still anchored by books but no longer limited to paper and pages. Disseminating the thoughts and visions of the greatest creative minds, its collaborators include the world’s foremost artists, photographers, writers, architects, fashion and interior designers, and culinary masters. With the incomparable network of founders Prosper and Martine Assouline, Assouline is the go-to brand for the most unique and sophisticated creations, each bearing the signature style, from books, to candles, gifts to leather goods, and furniture.

Assouline has always heeded the French expression 'savoir vivre', or knowing how to live richly. This means being guided by a clear value set that privileges passions. Assouline puts its time and resources into things that matter: knowledge, relationships, and experiences; history, culture, and travel. It favors things that are rare and precious because they enrich life.

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Image Source: Vivian Van Dijk

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