Buenos Aires Film Business is Booming

The article below was submitted by the Buenos Aires Film Commission

In the first months of the year our city is transformed: many producers around the world choose Buenos Aires as a film set for their advertising campaigns. From a total of 38 international services, we’ll review here some of the most spectacular productions, that keeps positioning us as one of the world's leading shooting destinations, for our talent, our creativity and our sets.

Filming permits in public spaces for all these productions were managed successfully through the Buenos Aires Film Commission (BACF) and BASet (Buenos Aires Set). The versatility of the landscapes we have to offer truly make Buenos Aires all cities in one.

Buenos Aires is all modern cities

During three days of shooting in outdoors sets (plus a shooting day in studios with a Chroma Key wall) Diagonal Norte Av. Dressed like the most modern and cosmopolitan cities in the world, with "Baby and Me", the global campaign for EVIAN, a production service of Primo for Iconoclast, of the BETC Paris agency, directed by the team We Are from LA.

Thanks to a delicate work in terms of visual effects, nine adults could saw themselves reflected in huge mirrors as babies. All the shooting work was very demanding. The photography crew was unusually big, and devoted hours to punctilious rehearsals and camera tests. The shooting methods were very dizzying and innovative for our industry: the clapperboard and the script supervising were took with special tools configured in I-pads. The art and wardrobe work were also extraordinary: huge baby costumes were made for the adult actors, in order to match them with the babies’ ones, in a complex scales fitting work in post-production.

All the freshness and modernity of Buenos Aires was also unfold through the eyes of none other than Andrei Burton, one of the best mountainbikers of the world, who ran through the city in locations such as Pasaje Palermo, the corner of Florida and Diagonal Norte Av., Plaza San Martin and Puerto Madero. It was thanks to "Ride", the BEROCCA campaign produced by Metropolis Films for the English market. In order to take the best shots of all the great feats of the cyclist in his travels around the city, many  high complex camera and grip devices were needed: a helicam, a quadcam, a camera car, a steadicam and several cranes.

Buenos Aires is Great Britain

In "Reverse", the English campaign of BULMERS cider, a production service of Ocean Films, we share the whole fun day of a young group of friends in reverse camera. The landscapes of Parque Lezama and Barracas and La Boca neighborhoods played being Great Britain during the four days of shooting that this project required.

Buenos Aires is France

In two commercials shot together for STELLA ARTOIS global campaign, "The Artist" and "The Jeweler", both produced together for Park Pictures New York, of the agency Mother New York, locations like the Querandí Bar, the Broker Bar, the Rivarola passage or a private apartment in San Telmo neighborhood, dressed up Buenos Aires like a typical French city. And as Buenos Aires is also pure talent and creativity, thanks to a local glass blower all the machinery that this trade involves could be recreated for the scene, as one of the commercials shows an artist of this material hand building a glass in which the acclaimed beer is later going to be served.

Buenos Aires is The Netherlands

During three shooting days, two cafes in Congreso neighborhood were dressed as two adjacent dutch bars that competed for sunlight to have the largest number of customers, until finally one of them gets, thanks to a giant structure of rotating mirrors, to deflect the sun's rays and make daylight last longer in his bar. It was "Mirrors", BAVARIA beer campaign for Netherlands, a Tango Films production service for Blood Simple, of the Selmore agency. The preparation of this complex mirrors structure involved huge building cranes and giant mirrors, in a scene shot from the deck of an important building in the city.

Buenos Aires in the world

As it provides the several landscape options to recreate any territory, Buenos Aires was the chosen destination for the production of "Against the Clock" and "Panoramic", the triple campaign for South America, Europe and Asia of FORD, a service of Metropolis Films for the global market with the agency Blue Hive from London. During the nine shooting days in the city (there were also two days in Mar del Plata), 120 local technicians and over 30 foreign ones, accompanied by 20 multicultural talent, several iconic Buenos Aires locations were portrayed, such as the corner of Bouchard and Viamonte, the San Lorenzo passage, the corner of Tres Sargentos and Reconquista, the Hotel America, Puerto Madero, Plaza de Retiro, Plaza Roma, the Lanin passage, the Huracán Athletic Club, the Velodrome of Buenos Aires, the Plaza de Mayo, the corner of  Bouchard and Tucumán, the Central Market, the 9 de Julio Av., the corner of F. Alcorta and Dorrego Avs., the tunnel of Libertador Av., the corner of Bioy Casares and Posadas, the France Embassy Square, the Rivarola passage. High-tech vehicle grip equipment and very specific camera machinery were used: a camera car, a crane, a steadicam, a flat car, a construction grub; and it was also necessary to build a large stage facing the river.

Also the new CANON campaign landed in Buenos Aires trying to reproduce different feelings and emotions, and portray several different places of the planet. The global audiovisual and print campaign "Everybody's Next Step", a production service of Metropolis Films for Partizan UK and the agency Mc Garry Bowen, involved, besides two shooting days in Patagonia and some scenes in Buenos Aires province, six shooting days in the city scenarios such as the National Library, the National Radio Building terrace, and the Paz Palace (Military Circle). All the production had important highlights: the crew was formed by 120 local technicians and 30 foreign ones, the cast was formed by 27 local actors and 200 local extras, antique wardrobe for dozens of extras was undertaken, steadycams and cranes where used in boats in some scenes filmed in the Tigre Delta, a crane with stabilized head was build on a catamaran for the scenes filmed in southern glaciers, and also a quadcam and a crane on the roof of the 26th floor in a Buenos Aires downtown building were involved. Besides, we had the visit of David Noton, one of the most renowned landscape photographers in the world and Canon world ambassador, who was in charge of the realization of the print campaign.

Leaving Buenos Aires, James Gregory, Head of Marketing of Canon, e-mailed his satisfaction to the local crew:“(…) Everybody's hard work and professionalism was very evident during every second of the demanding shoot schedule. The camera crew, grips, props department, make up & wardrobe and catering were the epitome of professionalism. (…)I fly back to England with wonderful memories of Argentina (…)Thank you all for your support (…)”

Buenos Aires is professionalism

Many important figures of the international audiovisual industry visit us every month. In April, we received Peter Farrelly, director of major North American hits as "There’s something about Mary", "Dumb and Dumber", "Me, myself & Irene" and "Shallow Hal". This director made three commercials together called "Meatball", "Chicken" and "Taco" for the U.S.A. campaign of TUMS. It was a production service for Caviar – L.A., of Grey WW agency in New York. Special giant suits (a meatball, a chicken and a taco) were made for each spot; they were driven by stunts hidden inside, and coordinated by the specialist who traveled from abroad especially for it. The spot "Meatball" even featured the parachute jump of a giant meatball.

With only five of these big productions hundreds of jobs in the local industry were generated, and this also favored many other industries in the city, for example, the gastronomic and hotel ones, that received each one of the foreign teams for periods of one, two or even three weeks.

Source: Josefina Arcioni

Film Commission

Buenos Aires City Government


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