Empowering Sexual Abuse Doc 'An Open Secret' Premieres in LA

The Los Angeles red carpet premiere of AN OPEN SECRET. Directed by Oscar®-nominated director Amy Berg (WEST OF MEMPHIS; DELIVER US FROM EVIL), AN OPEN SECRET looks at the lives of children betrayed and abandoned by a system that essentially funnels them towards sexual predators without any oversight or regard for their safety. It documents not only these young peoples’ experiences, but also how some have emerged stronger for their speaking out. The film advocates: Be Courageous. Report it. Life Gets Better. The film has opened to critical acclaim in Seattle, Denver and New York, and is traveling to more cities through the summer. The film will begin its Los Angeles run at the Laemmle Music Hall on Friday, July 17, 2015.

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Every year, thousands of children swarm Hollywood in search of fame but what they sometimes find under the surface is a deep and disturbing underbelly of manipulation and abuse. AN OPEN SECRET, directed by Oscar® nominated director Amy Berg (WEST OF MEMPHIS, DELIVER US FROM EVIL), is a sobering look at the lives of children who were exploited and assaulted by some of Hollywood's most powerful players. AN OPEN SECRET follows the lives of five boys, now men, who came to Hollywood with dreams of becoming actors but instead fell into a dark world that changed their lives forever. Inspired by heartfelt confessions, the film unearths claims of sexual abuse that were never brought to justice. Known offenders see little retribution for their crimes and are repeatedly hired back into top positions in Hollywood. The fact that such predators have not been brought to trial is a systemic issue that continues to plague the entertainment industry; the business is not only complicit towards abuse of minors, but even sees it as a rite of passage into the prestigious club of celebrity. AN OPEN SECRET finally reveals the courageous stories exposing the ugly truth Hollywood is determined to keep a secret.

An Open Secret Premieres

The capacity crowd was visibly moved by the film and rose to their feet in unison following the screening to applaud the presentation and Evan Henzi, who also sings film’s signature track “Call To Arms,” co-written along with Gary Lightbody and Johnny McDaid from Snow Patrol, who also scored the film. Ann Coulter said, "It’s a very disturbing movie. The more people that know about it the better. Amy Berg is a VERY talented documentarian, "I will tell my friends to see it.”

The Federal Bar hosted the reception, which took place immediately after the screening and Q&A. Guests enjoyed cocktails, hint water and a variety of American hors d’oeuvres and entrees, including mac & cheese balls, popcorn shrimp skewers, tuna crispy soy rice jalapeno and chicken fingers. For dessert, guests enjoyed raspberry chocolate flourless cake and cheesecake salted caramel cupcakes.

Young adult Disney and Nickelodeon cast members joined together to support the film. After watching the film, Disney star Colton Tran reacted, "It was eye-opening to me on how realistic and how relatable it actually is in this industry.” Harvey Guillen joined, saying "Hollywood is still going to be a place of opportunity and a place where dreams come true, but it's up to people in power and successful positions that they're in to bring awareness and raise a voice towards this.”

An Open Secret Official Trailer

Partial Guest List for An Open Secret Premiere & Reception

Film subjects and advocates, including Evan Henzi; BizParentz Founders Anne Henry and Paula Dorn; Producers Matthew Valentinas and Gabe Hoffman; and interview subject and Q&A moderator Dawn Chmielewski. Celebrity Guests, including political commentator and multiple New York Times best-selling author Ann Coulter; Spencer Garrett (NBC’s “Aquarius”); Courtney Halverson (NBC’s “True Detective”); Denise Faye (Choreographer of Chicago, Nine, and Burlesque); Garrett Brawith (Lifetime's "Unauthorized Full House" Movie); Amanda Wyss (Nightmare On Elm Street); Brandon Tyler Russell (The Martial Arts Kid); Robert Nagle (Academy Award-Winning Engineer and Stunt Driver); Dre Davis (ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars”); Colton Tran (Disney’s “Cloud 9”); Harvey Guillen (MTV's "Eye Candy" and Nickelodeon's "The Thundermans"); Gabrielle Wortman (Singer, Smoke Season); and Charlie Colin (Founding Member of TRAIN).

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Images: Michael Bezjian/WireImage & David Morrison

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