Exclusive David Foster Wallace Film Clip Released

A new VICE.com article discusses the works published about David Foster Wallace since his death, and an exclusive clip from the new biographical film The End of the Tour, staring Jesse Eisenberg as David Lipsky and Jason Segel as Wallace.

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The End of the Tour Film's First Sneak Peak Clip Revealed

Check out the article below to see how the film's dialogue was arranged in a way that accurately conveys Wallace's concerns about self-representation, Tulathimutte writes "Even from the movie, it's plain that Wallace was mortally afraid of becoming a posturing fraud, of having control over his image wrestled from him and turned into a pompous genius, holy man, or tortured savant."

Below is a preview of Vice's enticing new article:

The posthumous David Foster Wallace industry churns on: In the seven years since his death, various publishing interests have seen fit to release an unfinished novel, an essay collection, a commencement speech, his collected recordings, and his honors thesis. And that's not even including the volumes about Wallace, which have proliferated to the point where one has gotten a film adaptation: The End of the Tour, which is directed by James Ponsoldt and stars Jesse Eisenberg and Jason Segel as David Lipsky and Wallace. The film is based heavily on Lipsky's Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself, an annotated transcript of interview recordings for his aborted Rolling Stone profile of Wallace—essentially a book-length interview, conducted over several days during the 1996 book tour for Infinite Jest. The film dices and reshuffles this material into what its screenwriter, Pulitzer-winning playwright Donald Margulies, describes as a "really smart road movie." It's understandable that Wallace admirers would be bearish on any DFW adaptation after 2007's migraine-inflicting Brief Interviews with Hideous Men; it's even more understandable to wince at the prospect of seeing your literary hero played by a sitcom star whose dick we've all seen.

But I'm not alone in my opinion that Jason Segel does an impressive, attentive job of reproducing Wallace's mannerisms without a whiff of ham: the studious insta-lectures; the nonstop head movement; the fleeting sneers, flinches, and half-smiles. And while there's no helping the fact that Segel's deep-set eyes and plump cheeks make him look more like Judge Reinhold than David Foster Wallace, the vocal imitation is note-perfect. Eisenberg, meanwhile, has shed the cold skin of his own Zuckerberg biopic role; as Lipsky, he smiles and jokes easily, though he's still at his best when he's busy doing something furtive and skeezy, like scribbling down the contents of Wallace's medicine cabinet.

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Source: VICE

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