HFFNY Announces Competition for Havana Star Prizes

HFFNY announced that its competition line-up will feature sixteen films competing for the Havana Star Prize for Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Documentary. The Best Picture winner will receive a theatrical run at the Quad Cinema. The 15th HFFNY will run April 3-11 at the Quad and additional venues around the city. Many of the filmmakers will travel from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, U.S., and Spain to present their films.

The winners will be announced during the festival's Closing Night, April 11 at the Director Guild Theater (DGA). The 15th HFFNY jury is comprised of prominent members of the local and international film industry. Fiction categories jurors include director Deborah Kampmeier (Virgin, Hounddog); Quad Flix VP, Donald Ravinobich; and Cuban actress Laura de La Uz (Ana's Movie, Hello Hemingway); documentary jurors are TV host and film critic Alfonso Díaz, director and film programmer Juan Cáceres, and Costa Rican film producer Luis Naguil.

EYES IN covered the Cannes Film Festival 2013 LIVE at which the HFFNY entry La jaula de oro won A CERTAIN TALENT PRIZE for the ensemble cast.

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Havana Film Festival NY - HFFNY Competitors for Havana Star Prize Fiction

Competing for Havana Star Prize fiction categories:

Los dueños / The Owners

While the owners are away from their house in a northern province in Argentina, the caretakers occupy it and emulate their lifestyle. Then, the owners show up unexpectedly for the weekend. Soon everyone is wondering who will end up running the house.

HFFNY Los Dueños


O Lobo atrás da Porta / A Wolf at the Door

A child is kidnapped. At the police station, his parents Sylvia and Bernardo, and Rosa, the main suspect and Bernardo ?s lover, give contradictory evidence. Their narration takes us to the gloomiest corners of desires, lies, needs, and wickedness in the relationship of these three characters.

HFFNY O Lobo Atrás da Porta


Las analfabetas / Illiterate

Ximena is an illiterate woman in her fifties who keeps her illiteracy as a secret. Jackeline is a young unemployed elementary school teacher who tries to convince Ximena to learn to read. Thanks to a letter Ximena's father left when he abandoned her many years before, the two women embark on a shared learning journey.

HFFNY Las Analfabetas


Conducta / Behavior

Chala is an eleven year-old boy with a hard life and strong respect for Carmela, his sixth grade teacher. The pair develops a solid bond, but after Carmela suffers an accident, things get complicated.

HFFNY Conducta


Esther en alguna parte / Esther Somewhere

Larry Po, a weird elder, reveals to Lino Catalá, a serious and formal old man, that his late wife led a double life. From that moment on, they both start an intensive search.

HFFNY Esther en Alguna Parte


Melaza / Molasses

When the local sugar cane mill shut down, the town of Melaza was left devastated and lifeless. Aldo and Mónica are a young couple striving to find a way to survive. Helping each other, they try to save their world without losing faith.

HFFNY Melaza


Se vende / For Sale

Nacar, a young girl who works in a lab, is facing a rough economical time by herself. Her dead mother advises her from the grave to sell the cemetery plot. In this black comedy, death is an excuse to talk about life.

HFFNY Se Vende


No robarás... A menos que sea necesario / You Shall Not Steal

Lucía, a teenager of humble origin, lives with her siblings, mother, and stepfather. One day, after an altercation between her mother and stepfather, her life takes a drastic turn.

HFFNY No Robarás… A Menos Que Sea Necesario


La jaula de oro / The Golden Dream

At Cannes Film Festival 2013, La jaula de oro won A CERTAIN TALENT PRIZE for the ensemble cast of LA JAULA DE ORO by Diego QUEMADA-DIEZ.

Three teenagers from Guatemala's slums travel to the U.S. in search of a better life. On their journey they meet Chauk, an indian from Chiapas who doesn't speak Spanish. Together, they soon have to face a harsh reality.

HFFNY La Jaula de Oro


Tercera llamada / Last Call

A Mexican company rehearses a turbulent theatrical production of Albert Camus' Caligula to be performed at an international festival.

HFFNY Tercera Llamada


La Gorgona, historias fugadas / Gorgona, Stories on the Run

This documentary builds an intriguing narrative combining nature shots with personal accounts by inmates at Gorgona, a paradisiacal island in the Colombian pacific that functioned as a prison between 1960-1985, when it was declared a natural park by the Colombian government.

HFFNY La Gorgona, Historias Fugadas


Hay un grupo que dice/ A Group is Saying

Named after a song by Silvio Rodríguez, this documentary explores the history of ICAIC's Grupo de Experimentación Sonora (GESI), a symbol of cultural resistance and creativity, formed by Silvio Rodríguez, Pablo Milanés, Eduardo Ramos, Sara Gonzáles, Noel Nicola y Leo Brower.

HFFNY Hay un Grupo que Dice


Seré asesinado / I Will be Murdered

This documentary portrays the astonishing real-life story of a Guatemalan lawyer who launched a personal crusade in search of justice and brought his country to the brink of chaos.

HFFNY I Will Be Murdered


Ángeles y polvo / Angels and Dust

Music producer Paco and his wife Kene are arrested at Panama's airport with cocaine strapped to their bodies. Desperate to help them, Paco's brother Mauricio leaves his home in Barcelona and embarks in a mesmerizing hallucinogenic journey.

HFFNY Angels and Dust

Of Kites and Borders / De cometas y fronteras

The story of the daily struggle to be a child living on the U.S.-Mexico border through the eyes of four working children in the city of Tijuana.

HFFNY Of Kites and Borders

Sobre las olas: A Story of Flamenco in the U.S.

For over a hundred years, the art of flamenco has been traveling into distant places. Many have fallen in love with the deep song, the cry, the rhythm. This documentary brings us into the heart of flamenco in the U.S. and the artists who keep it alive.

HFFNY Sobre las Olas


Source: HFFNY

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