Stars Shine at 2nd Day of Istanbul Film Festival

The festival's second day began with the sad story of Manglehorn and an audience filling the theater with their love for Al Pacino. While Red Army garnered audience applause, the emotional interaction during No One's Child was high. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly received the interest it deserves once again years later, and Hill of Freedom put a smile on viewers' faces.

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Action Packed Second Day of the Istanbul Film Festival

One of the directors and producers of Everyday Rebellion, Arash T. Riahi's masterclass was the first Meetings on the Bridge event. Taking place at Akbank Sanat, Riahi began the talk by discussing the different types of documentaries and the problematic of representing reality in documentary filmmaking. Riahi stated “The more prepared you are for filming a documentary, the better you can plan. During the writing process, you can mostly write down what you expect to happen. At this juncture, your most important weapon is research. Your written expectations may have changed during or after filming. The most important question to answer is 'Are you ready to record reality?'”

Both a social satire of Israel and a look into the world of women from a woman's point of view, Zero Motivation tells a story of the compulsory military service for women in Israel through dark humour. This film which received the grand prize at Tribeca and almost all of this year's awards from the Israeli Film Academy screened at Atlas at 11:00.

In the festival's “In Memoriam” category, we commemorate masters who have recently passed away through their unforgettable films, and come to admire them once more. In memory of Lauren Bacall, who with her deep voice and piercing gaze was one of Hollywood's biggest actresses, the Howard Hawks classic The Big Sleep where she acts with her big love Humphrey Bogart screened this morning at Rexx at 11:00.

At Rexx2, Oscar-nominated director Borja Cobeaga's Negotiator, which was selected as the Best Basque film at San Sebastian last year, will be screening at 19:00, while Sebastian Schipper's Victoria, which received the Silver Lion for Best Cinematography at the 2015 Berlinale, screened at 21:30.

Do not miss the screening of one of the world's most esteemed directors Ermanno Olmi’s Greenery Will Bloom Again, detailing the terror
of the First World War in its centenary, at Beyo?lu at 13.30; and the screening of Seymour: An Introduction, in which actor Ethan Hawke creates an intimate portrait of classical piano master, author, teacher, and sage Seymour Bernstein at 21:30.

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Source: Istanbul Film Festival

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