Zulu: A Detective Thriller at Its Best! By Jerome Salle (Update)

Editor-in-Chief Vivian Van Dijk attended the press screening from the film "Zulu":

"There are no dull moments in 'Zulu' .... An original story, with hard core cops chasing what initially looked like a 'simple murder rape' case into a much bigger case that is endangering a whole community. The dismantlement of a drug network comes with lots of loss of lives and personal tragedies.

"The cast is terrific and this film ("Zulu") shows you on top of that an amazing peak into the South-African landscape. The severe cruelty of the crimes gives this Detective Thriller Story a different scope on a cops community operating in South-Africa.

"Attack is the best form of defense...Film Director Jerome Salle has managed to show a masterpiece of a film with a bit of future scenario thinking involved. For sure this film could be used as a case for investigators and terrorist experts worldwide, showing how drugs can really go wrong.

"Film director Salle's choice of the human elements in this story like the friendship among the cops, the mum-son relationship between Whitaker as Ali Sokhela and his mum and the bond between the ex-lovers (Orlando Bloom as Brian Epkeen and ex-wife)  has contributed to make this story so real and so frightening." –Editor-in-Chief  Vivian Van Dijk

Jérôme Salle, Orlando Bloom, Forest Whitaker, Conrad Kemp, Alexandre Desplat, Caryl Ferey and Julien Rappeneau were in Cannes for the press conference about Zulu, the closing film of the 66th Festival de Cannes. Below are extracts from that interview:

Orlando Bloom on his role in "Zulu":

Men in South Africa say that "a cowboy never cries in front of his horse”. The guy I play has problems with drugs and alcohol, nothing like any other character I’ve already played. When people have a certain perception of you, it’s hard to show them another side. I have the impression that this film is going to signal a new chapter in my life.

About shooting in South Africa:

Conrad Kemp:
Let me begin by saying that there is something authentic about shooting in South Africa: the film managed to lay itself bare. It is neither a thriller nor a story of vengeance, it’s a humanist film. I think that it’s going to go down well in South Africa and that the South Africans are going to identify with it.

Jérôme Salle:
It was essential for me to ring true. Authenticity in a film is a matter of detail: the way people greet each other, the way they kiss.

About the French production:

Orlando Bloom: This film was a personal journey for each one of us. The fact that we were a long way from home brought us closer together. I don’t know if it’s typically French but Jérôme was very open to our suggestions. He encouraged us to put forward ideas and asked us to take on responsibility.

Forest Whitaker: This is the fourth film I’ve shot. I noticed there was a real difference with American productions. The French producers encouraged us to make the film the way we wanted, the director has the real power over the vision of the film. In the USA, studios are more intrusive.

Interview directed by LR

Synopsis of Zulu

In Zulu, the setting is Cape Town, 2010. A mutilated corpse is discovered in the city’s botanical gardens.

As chief of police, Ali Neuman investigates the mysterious circumstances surrounding the macabre murder of the daughter of former rugby champion Stewart Weitz, he makes a startling discovery.

A drug whose composition is unknown appears to be the cause of the homicide.


Jérôme SALLE - Director
Julien RAPPENEAU - Screenplay
Jérôme SALLE - Screenplay
Denis ROUDEN - Cinematography
Laurent OTT - Set Designer
Alexandre DESPLAT - Music
Stan COLLET - Film Editor
Nico LOUW - Sound



Source: Cannes Film Festival

For more information regarding Cannes and Zulu, please visit the official website at: http://www.festival-cannes.fr/en.html

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