Ben Moon's Latest Release Party at Pop-up Gallery

Mixed media artist Ben Moon hosts the official release party for his new album, SURREAL MACHINE, at a pop-up gallery in the Meatpacking District. As part of the album’s debut, Ben will also showcase ROKLYFE, a fully immersive art piece that fuses live and pre-recorded music, projected visuals and interactive social media, transforming the event venue into a platform for the merging of sonic and visual elements. To support the album’s launch, Ben’s vibrant oil paintings will be on display during the pop-up’s duration from June 4 – 11.

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ROKLYFE is essentially a program that “plays” visuals instead of sound and can be triggered from a drum pad, keyboard, guitar or an iPad. The content which can be fully customizable includes personal videos, movie footage, photos, video games, text messages and more, which are loaded into the program then layered and manipulated in an endless series of combinations. A capture window allows the content to be streamed in real time from the internet by anyone at any time during the performance. In this manner, the ROKLYFE experience is an interactive art work that engages both on-site and remote collaborators in the creative process.

Surreal Machine features the single "Change (Jose Nunez Remix)," will was released on Beatport on April 21 and on iTunes on May 5. Seven additional new tracks include:

  • I'm Free
  • I Can Feel
  • Gravity
  • Shine On
  • Change (Original Mix)
  • Don’t Wake Me (Clokx Extended Mix)
  • Celebrity

The album and its name derive from a traumatic experience from which Ben recently recovered; on the path to healing, Moon was possessed by an experience so profound that he chose to express his emotions and visions through music.

“Sometimes language fails to encompass the depth and exact nature of our emotions. Following my recent near-death experience and road to recovery, I chose music and art as the vehicle to express what I had seen and felt on this extraordinary journey,” stated Moon.

About Ben Moon

As an avid musician and fine arts major at Tulane University, Ben Moon immersed himself in the diverse artistic culture of New Orleans, participating in numerous art shows and performing regularly around town. Even at this early stage, he became fascinated by the ways in which sonic and visual elements could be combined to create a heightened emotional effect. Upon his return to New York, Moon’s work was featured in a series of successful exhibitions in New York, London, New Orleans, and Beijing, as well as at Miami’s Art Basel exhibition. Moon’s latest project, ROKLYFE, marks the full realization of his longstanding fascination with the integration of sonic and visual elements, resulting in a fully immersive environmental art piece where the viewer feels as though they’ve literally stepped inside one of his frenetic paintings. Inspired by Andy Warhol’s Factory Parties and the Art Happenings of the late 1960?s, Moon employs a combination of projected visuals, interactive social media, as well as live and prerecorded music to create a world where art and life come together in a radical new experience, “the world of Ben Moon”.

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Source: Ben Moon's Release Party

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