Picalike Lets You Manage Image Content Like a Pro

EYES IN™ Magazine editor in chief Vivian Van Dijk covered Web Summit live in Dublin where she came across the new revolutionary company Picalike. They offer state of the art solutions catering to your needs: offering their expertise in dealing with your image content, & is able to create significant additional value. Employ their customized image recognition solutions for your project, customers, image collections, or applications with their Data & Consulting Services.

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Picalike Makes Managing Image Content Easy

Visual inspiration: whenever & wherever. Picalike solutions provide your customer with inspiration whenever and wherever he wants it. Every picture or image can be used as an inspiration. Intuitively, the customer is able to integrate visual content. It also connects to your product line.

Picalike develops and distributes easy to use software solutions. These solutions allow visual search and analysis of image data and are enabled by complex, artificially intelligent algorithms. Amongst picalike’s customers there are (B2B) eCommerce operators that benefit from our visual solutions and extensions especially in the fields of search, recommendation and data enrichment.

About Picalike

The Picalike GmbH (german LLC) was founded in August 2010. Picalike combines speed and accuracy. Picalike offers adjustable, high level software as a service (SaaS) solutions to search and match product pictures. This technology assists e- and m-commerce clients, product search engines or picture data base offering or enabling search solutions. Additionally, many other industries are now able to offer their visitors, clients and user visual search by implementing this technology.

Picalike is currently evaluating or implementing pilot projects with large picture data bases, technology companies, dating companies,geo-analysis for mining companies as well as pharmaceutical, diagnostic, biotechnology service providers. And that’s just the beginning, there are a lot more innovations in progress. We love what we do and while we have fun coming up with new products, Picalike takes their service seriously.

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Source: Picalike

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