Swell: Socially Conscious Investing for Millennials

What if you could invest your money in the stock market and not only get a great return but also be making a difference in the world? That’s the question that Swell, a new model for investment strategy, poses to a generation who thought only their parents should be concerned with stocks and financial markets, and who have only seen troubled times from an untrusted financial environment in the United States in recent years.


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Socially Conscious Investing With Swell

It’s an innovative premise that goes along with the trend in recent years of making your life—and your money—count for something other than yourself. No longer is the Peace Corps the best known way to make a difference in other nations and people’s lives. Today, there are a plethora of options and opportunities, focusing on volunteerism, activism, donations and now, investing.

“We’ve created a simpler, more accessible way to invest so that growing your money can not only improve your life, but also the lives of others,” said Swell co-founder Dave Fanger.

The creation of Liam Monaghan and Dave Fanger, Swell Investing started in 2015 when the two investment professionals, moved by their own hardships, dreamed of using their unique skillset to help people rise above their own troubles. For Fanger, that hardship was living as a Type 1 diabetic and watching dear family members succumb to their battles with cancer. For Monaghan, who was raised in South Africa when Nelson Mandela negotiated the end of apartheid, his cause was human rights and bringing an end to the poverty that goes hand-in-hand with that.

So it was a natural fit for them to combine their 30 years of experience developing financial products around the world and come up with a new alternative to traditional investing, one that seeks to profit investors while supporting the four causes they care about most: Ending poverty, fighting cancer, upholding human rights and improving education.  

Here’s how it works: “Each investment model is designed to move with the stock market and support your cause at the same time. We do this by creating models that consist only of shares in the top companies that champion the same causes as you. We partnered with Motif Investing, an innovative brokerage platform which allows you to easily invest in each model. When you invest or rebalance your investment model, we receive a minimum royalty of one dollar from Motif Investing. From that revenue we give 20 cents out of every dollar to the causes our models support. We give from our money, not yours,” explained Fanger.

Defining themselves as a “research company that creates ‘cause-driven’ investment models,” Swell sets the example by investing its own revenue—up to 20 percent—back into the charities supported by its investors. What they call “cause investing” is gaining traction and promises to be the next trend in the financial markets, hopefully wooing a generation otherwise leery to recognize the power their dollar can have when combined with their passion to change the world.

Swell is financially backed by Pacific Life President, Khanh T. Tran, who also deeply believes in the investment model. As a young Vietnamese living in America during the Fall of Saigon, he volunteered as a translator in refugee camps before ultimately being reunited with his family by complete chance. Tran was named president of Pacific Life in 2012, overseeing aviation leasing, asset management, corporate development, corporate financial, investment management, and pension advisory groups.

To learn more about Swell Investing and how you participate, please visit the Website www.swellinvesting.com.


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