Global Vaccine Market Forecast: $84 Billion

Within the healthcare industry, the Vaccine Market was initially considered a low-profit venture, but is currently perceived with renewed interest among industry circles due to its high demand with respect to emerging infectious diseases.

Furthermore, an improved understanding of the immune system has paved new opportunities for developing novel preventive and therapeutic vaccines. This Market Research Report evaluates the Global Vaccine Market by Technology Class, Types, End Users, Disease Indication, and Geography.

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Furthermore, The Technology Class is divided into Eight Segments, namely:

Recombinant Vector
DNA, Synthetic
Dentritic Vaccines.

Of the above mentioned segments, sub-unit vaccine is the largest revenue segment;
however, synthetic vaccines, recombinant vector vaccines, and DNA vaccines will be the
fastest-growing segments.

The Value of the Global Vaccine Market

The Global Vaccine Market was valued at $27 billion in the year 2012. At the end of
2013, the market is expected to be $32.05 billion and is poised to reach approximately $84
billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 11.36 percent from 2013 to 2022.

Therapeutic vaccines, specifically targeting cancers and allergies, will offer vast
opportunities for new players entering this market. The launch of the first FDA-approved
therapeutic vaccine, Provenge by Dendreon (U.S.), for treating prostate cancer has
acknowledged the potential of vaccines in therapeutics. This scenario is expected to
further revolutionize the industry towards massive growth in the next 5 to 10 years.

The global vaccine market is expected to grow, backed by technological advancements with respect to the development of novel vaccines towards emerging infectious
diseases, cancers, and allergies.

The market will experience continuous improvements in vaccine design, delivery methodologies, and manufacturing in large-scale process. The market is witnessing a trend towards development of personalized vaccines. Additionally, the demand for safe and cost-effective drugs for the treatment of many cancers and HIV infection, which could be addressed by therapeutic vaccines, will remarkably fuel market growth.

North America and Europe are expected to grow at a steady pace. However, the Asia-Pacific market, particularly India and China, is expected to witness a boost in demand and is poised to register maximum growth over the next 10 years, owing to the increase in aging population and prevalence of various infectious diseases.

Vaccine Market expected to grow substantially

The Key Players in this Vaccine Market are:

Novartis (Switzerland)
Glaxo Smith line (U.K.)
Merck (U.S.)
Sanofi (France)
Pfizer (U.S.)
Antigen Express, Inc. (U.S.)
Aduro Biotech (U.S.)
Genticel (France)
Biondvax (Israel)
Immune Targeting Systems (U.K.)
Prokarium (U.K.)
Immunobiology Ltd. (U.K.)
Liquidia Technologies (U.S.)
Alphavax (U.S.)
Bavarian Nordic (Denmark).

There is a more in-depth look at the global vaccine market available to purchase from MarketsandMarkets if you are interested in reading more, please click on the link below at: and you will be directed to the website to purchase the report.

Source: MarketsandMarkets

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