GuestToGuest Reaches 200,000 Homes & Asserts its Position as World Leader in Home Exchange

Created in 2011, GuestToGuest is revolutionizing home exchange. The platform offers its users a more flexible service thanks to a points system that facilitates non-reciprocal exchanges. A formula calculates the value of one night’s stay in a user’s home. The more guests they host, the more points they earn, allowing them to then stay elsewhere with other members.

With this innovation and free inscription, GuestToGuest aims to democratize home exchange.

A good bet: the young startup now offers more than 200,000 homes in 187 countries. For Emmanuel Arnaud and Charles Edouard Girard, directors of GuestToGuest: “Home exchange met with unprecedented success in 2015. GuestToGuest saw its number of exchanges multiply by 2.5, notably in France, #1 country for hosts and guests, a result that confirms the staying power of this collaborative phenomenon in international travel habits.”

In 2015, GuestToGuest raised four million euros from the MAIF insurance company. This raising of funds allowed the young French startup to multiply by five the number of available accommodations (38,000 in the beginning of 2014 compared with 200,000 today) and to multiply by four their number of collaborators (5 in 2012 compared with 20 in 2015).

Now available on Google Play and soon available on iOS, the site is accessible in seven languages (French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, and Dutch).

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About GuestToGuest

GuestToGuest is the story of 22 families living in France, Belgium, Spain, Great Britain, United States and Qatar and their common desire to invent a fair and simple way for anyone to stay around the world for free - thanks to home exchange. The members of GuestToGuest share the idea that a better way of travelling is possible, where hospitality, freedom and trust are key words. Our members love GuestToGuest because they had great exchanges. GuestToGuest is a social network which gathers communities of people who wish to exchange their apartment or their house for the holidays. Thanks to the unique system of GuestPoints you can choose where you wish to be freely invited from all around the world. Check out our video to understand everything.

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