HandySpeech Write-to-Talk App by 12-Year-Old Creator

iSpeak4U, LLC. announced today "HandySpeech" recognition by the Connecticut General Assembly. HandySpeech is the only handwriting-to-speech application on the app store providing a unique opportunity for people with speech disabilities to communicate.

12-year-old software developer, Eric Zeiberg, who was inspired by his autistic sister to create HandySpeech, was recognized by Connecticut General Assembly for his contribution to the quality of life for people with speech disabilities.

"I hope that HandySpeech will provide much needed help and open new opportunities for people in need," said Eric. "The application is dedicated to courageous people who struggle every day to overcome their disabilities."

As an assistive speech technology application, HandySpeech supplements or even completely replaces speech for people with spoken language difficulties. The application helps people with speech or language impairments, including stroke, muscular dystrophy, oral cancer, throat and neck cancer, expressive aphasia, dysarthria, autism, stuttering among others.

Users simply write what they want to say in any one of 13 languages, hit a button, and the writing instantly turns into male or female voice.

"We are very proud of Eric in our district," said Senator Beth Bye, Assistant Senate Majority Leader. "I think the whole state is proud of him for using his energy for something that helps people who need help".

Eric Zeiberg, HandySpeech creator, was recognized for his effort by CT General Assembly, had a brief conversation with Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy, and met with the state Senate and state House leadership.

What People are Saying about HandySpeech

HandySpeech is the Gift of Voice:

"A nice contribution to the quality of live for speech impaired folks."

"We can't believe - it's a God send!"

"What you have done is beyond expectation!"

"Sounds like a winner for so many!"

"This app will help so many who have struggled throughout their lives to be heard."

"This is an inspiration to our entire developer community."

To learn more about the HandySpeech applications and download it via the Apple App Store for $29.99, visit iSpeak4U.

The HandySpeech application was created by iSpeak4U, LLC., a Connecticut software development company offering mobile, web and server applications for customers worldwide.

Source: iSpeak4U

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