ScenePast Film App: Your Personal Wayback Machine

ScenePast LLC announces the official worldwide launch of their premiere film app, ScenePast. Available exclusively for the iPhone, ScenePast takes you back in time, through the scenes of your favorite movies and TV shows; comparing hundreds of exact locations THEN & NOW.

Allowing you to experience the spirit of time travel right from the palm of your hand, ScenePast film app is one of the most detailed collections of movie and television show locations to ever be featured on an app. With a pull of the interactive time machine lever you can now travel back 20, 30, 40, 50, 60+ years to see what existed down the street or just around the corner.

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ScenePast Film App Always Being Updated

The ScenePast team has scoured over 10,000+ hours (and counting!) of film and television content to share these forgotten places and moments back in time. And with constant updates to ScenePast film app, you can always experience a fresh time travel adventure.

With new film and television locations added every day, ScenePast launches with over 450 pinpointed spots in cities such as New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and more. The images are collected from award-winning dramas, film noirs, action flicks, 80s comedies, and TV detective & crime classics. Perfect for fans of movies, television, architecture, urban design and history, ScenePast film app takes the concept of pinpointing filming locations one step further - as a tap of a button allows you to seamlessly compare the exact same spot THEN and NOW.

Priced at .99 cents in the US (and accordingly in other regions), with no additional in app upgrade fees required, ScenePast film app is available through Apple’s App Store.

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How You Can Interact With ScenePast Film App

To enhance the time travel experience, please note the following ScenePast options:

-Help Solve – Interested in helping ScenePast pinpoint locations? Alongside a few clues, they present users various movie and TV locations to see if users have what it takes to solve some time travel mysteries.

-Buy It / Watch It - Did a moment from the past capture your interest? Want to see more? Each film/TV location is complemented with a direct link enabling users to purchase the DVD/Blu-ray or the ability to stream instantly through

-Most Recent - New updates to SCENEPAST are constantly added, and the “most recent” button allows users a quick way to check out the latest entries.

-Interactive Map - View on a map all the nearby pinpointed locations complete with each TV show or movie’s name and year.

Curious what places once looked like? Wonder how locations evolved over time? Then ScenePast is for you!

Source: ScenePast

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