U.S. Digital Game Sales Market: Surprising Figures

SuperData Research has released the latest February, 2013 U.S. digital game sales information. See below for the categories and information contained therein.


“In February, the total digital games category grew 8.8 percent compared the same month last year, and reached $850.1 million in total sales. Month-over-month February showed a decline of 11 percent for the entire segment, as DLC taper off after the post-holiday.”

“Year-over-year digital sales for the month of February increased $69 million from $781 million in 2012, for the entire sector.”

Social Games

“After a slight uptick in January, the social games segment continues its unsure decline. A weakening of spending among social gamers is its primary cause, as ARPPU dipped below the $30 threshold for the first time in fourteen months.”

“Zynga regained its leadership position on Facebook with FarmVille 2 climbing back to 40 million MAUs in February.”

Free-to-Play MMO

“Despite losing a little under 795,000 active users, revenues for free-to-play MMOs inched up to $177 million for the month. This is was largely the result of an increase in overall the conversion rate, which reached almost 16 percent for both client- and browser-based titles combined.”

“The ongoing decline of World of Warcraft, despite retention-focused efforts that allow users to move their characters to other servers free-of-charge, places increased emphasis on Blizzard’s new big MMO title, code named Titan.”

Pay-to-Play MMO

“Adding almost 60,000 new subscribers in February, the pay-to-play MMO segment showed a modest increase as it grew to $89 million. Year-over-year numbers, however, are down almost 9 percent.”


“The mobile games segment grew as spending breached the $11 threshold. In February the average revenue per paying user across all categories was $11.13. The sector shows continued momentum, and we expect this to last through March before tapering off in the early Spring.”

“Newcomer among the top three grossing titles was Simpsons: Tapped Out (EA Mobile), which replaced Rage of Bahamut (Mobage).”

Downloadable (PC + console)

“With the dust settling after the 2012 holiday spending, the DLC segment returned to normal spending levels at $312 million in February, up from $232 million a year ago.”

“Consistent with Electronic Arts’ focus on the digital download, the publisher dominated the market this month with two of its titles Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3 among the top.”

About SuperData

SuperData provides market intelligence on the online, digital game sales and mobile games industry. They collect digital point-of-sale data directly from publishers and developers to give our customers unparalleled monthly insights into the unboxed games market. This allows them to identify key trends, evaluate marketing spend, establish accurate revenue estimates and analyze market changes for popular online games, including MMOs, FPS, casino, virtual worlds, mobile and social games.

SuperData publishes industry-relevant key performance indicators. Using their proprietary panel of 2,000,000 paying online gamers, we establish monthly benchmarks such as monthly active users, conversion rates, ARPPU and title-level revenue estimates. Customers use the data to evaluate their performance, identify key growth opportunities, assess revenue potential, optimize their efforts, and better understand their audience’s wants and needs.

Source: http://www.superdataresearch.com/



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