Vigiglobe Turns Social Media Noise Into Intelligence

EYES IN Magazine Editor-in-Chief Vivian Van Dijk is live at MIPTV. She met MIPTV speaker and Vigiglobe's co-founder Laurent Dehasse at his booth. Later at the Emmy Awards party at the Martinez Hotel in Cannes, Vivian discussed Vigiglobe and VigiPulse, with its specialty for political social media tracking, with co-founder Laurent Dehasse. Vivian says, "I was impressed with VigiPulse, a Social Media Intelligence Framework that enables you to monitor, analyze and engage with the social web. Also, their V2Screen Social Integration Platform that is fully adaptable (for curation, moderation, broadcast & analysis) was also noteworthy.

"I admire this innovative company and the way it has made a mark and will make a mark, i.e., in the area of measuring political opinions. I am looking forward to follow up with an interview with Laurent for an upcoming EYES IN Magazine digital edition."

Turning the noise into a meaningful analysis. Vigiglobe offers a wide range of analytical services aiming at answering the most challenging needs of companies' social media presence. Vigiglobe is specialized in Social Media Intelligence. By enriching the Social Web, Vigiglobe enables its clients to get the most out of Social Media content.

Volume is important, but this is just one indicator. Counting messages posted and shared on Social Networks is NOT that difficult... Analyzing them properly is a different story!

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Vigiglobe Focus

Relevant questions the Vigiglobe Focus brings to your social media include:

  • What are they saying right now about you on the Social Web?
  • Is your Communication impactful enough?
  • Is Dissatisfaction gaining grounds?
  • How can social media information contribute to your objectives?
  • How does your image compare to your competitors’?

With Vigiglobe services, you can tap into billions of social media conversations for real-time insights; avoid artificial results that don’t provide the depth of information you need to make meaningful business decisions; know how consumers think and feel about you; get answers faster and much more reliably
Know why consumers are choosing other brands over yours; know what your advertisements and marketing are really saying to people; and know who the influencers are when it comes to your brand and products.


VigiPulse - Real-time Evaluation

In today’s world, information and word- of-mouth can spread instantly, the image of a brand, a product, a public institution, a political leader or even a celebrity can be built, enhanced or damaged in few minutes...

Therefore, being able to measure in real time what is being shared, said and debated about you is critical for you to be able to act on your reputation. Our consultants are there to help you define the optimal approach to analyze what is relevant for you on the Social Web. VigiPulse will get you there!

Online Reputation

The emergence of public opinion trends increasingly starts on the Social Web. Nowadays, people use social networks to initiate a social movement, to bash a product or a brand, to alert peers on potential risks or in contrast, to share positive sentiment on a specific campaign. If you are not vigilant enough, very often the Buzz starts when you expect it the least. A continuous monitoring of the these online discussions enables you to get early signs of this phenomenon or provide you with valuable insight on the success of your campaign. Vigiglobe has developed its “VigiBuzz” approach specifically for these kind of issues.

Competitive Analysis

Having a good online reputation is not enough. How does it compare to your market and your main competitors?

Our proprietary dashboard solutions are designed to offer a synoptic view of your brand equity at any time and across the Web 2.0. Vigiglobe will help you identify your main differentiators (strengths and weaknesses) in a challenging competitive context as. Our semantic and text-mining tools will provide you with a unique source of qualitative input that you will be able to leverage in your business strategies.

Vigiglobe has already computed main industries benchmarks to enable you to position your performance within your own sector of activity.

Laurent DeHasse - Co-founder Vigiglobe

After 14 years of experience in strategy and business development at McKinsey and for a Corporate and Investment bank in various regions (France, Benelux, Hong Kong and London), Laurent created Vigiglobe in 2012, with three other partners, at the very early days of social media analysis and social TV in Europe.

Laurent is responsible for the commercial and geographical development of Vigiglobe. In his role, he contributed to the quick deployment of Vigiglobe's proprietary solutions to monitor and analyze various key global events like the US Presidential Elections, the French Presidential Elections, the London Olympics or the European Football Cup and the French Football League. He acts as a trusted advisor to both private and public institutions whenever they have key decisions to take based on Social Media insights.


Our solutions generate strategic impact in multiple fields:
- Online reputation, crisis management and impact assessment (communication, product launch, events, debates, etc.)
- Social TV
- Social CRM
- Business Intelligence
Our teams of linguists and experts in Artificial Intelligence have developed algorithms that can bring the best of both worlds: the complexity of the Human brain and the efficiency of a powerful machine-learning process.
Our goal is to make the Semantic Web relevant to our clients, by putting their specific environment and issues at the heart of what we do.
Vigiglobe is recognised by Twitter as one of its official Media Technology Partner.

Source: Vivian Van Dijk and Vigiglobe

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