Children's Fund Helps Protect & Heal Abused Children

EYES IN™ Magazine Editor-in-Chief Vivian Van Dijk attended the New York Center for Children (NYCC)'s The Sunflower Party at the home of Henry Buhl in Southampton, NY. Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres were served during this fundraising event with all proceeds of the night will benefit the center. Funds raised go toward helping support community training on child abuse recognition and response and continue up to enabling one of 12 honorary ambassadors to be recognized through the launch of “Heal Our Hearts” NYCC national campaign. 

Vivian met philanthropist/co-chair of the Children's Fund Lauren Vernon at a fundraiser in the Hamptons. Vivian is looking forward to following up with an interview for an upcoming edition of EYES IN Magazine about Ms. Vernon's important work.

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The Sunflower Party

Founded in 1995, the NYCC is the only independent center in New York that offers relief to families and children who have been victims of abuse, providing free, comprehensive therapy for as long as they need. The dedicated staff will never turn a child in need away. The NYCC is a nonprofit that relies on donations to ensure it is able to provide these services.

Honorary Chair of the NYCC Board of Directors Kate Spade believes that at the Center, “Children are supported in their journey to a safer place. There is no other organization quite like it.” To date, the center has helped more than 15,000 families receive care. The NYCC also provides groundbreaking training programs about how to diagnose, treat and prevent child abuse for medical students, doctors, nurses and first responders across the globe. So far, it has trained more than 20,000 medical professions.

Event Co-Chairs include: Lauren Vernon, Henry Buhl and Lucia Hwong Gordon. The Host Committee for the Sunflower Party includes: Alyson Cambridge, Guy Clark, Nicole Dicocco, Jeannie J. Joshi, Petra Khashoggi, Jamie Lewis, Joy Marks, Harrison Morgan, Christine Rales and Carolyn and Kevin Ryan.

Children's Fund Gives Children a Fighting Chance

When a child has been abused - physically, emotionally or sexually - the most important first step is to provide her or him with a safe, accepting environment. NYCC provides that secure haven in which to heal. It seems that hardly a week goes by without news of a trusted child care worker being arrested for child abuse.

NYCC is at the forefront of a number of educational projects focused on early intervention, prevention and treatment of child abuse. In addition to their annual conference, our educational offerings include workshops and intern/externships geared to various constituencies including professional, community groups and students. NYCC conducts professional training and workshops on child abuse recognition and response for teachers, guidance counselors, social workers, lawyers and other professionals. About the New York Center for Children Founded in 1995 as the Child Advocacy Center of Manhattan, the New York Center for Children (NYCC) is a child-friendly Center, providing free, comprehensive evaluation and therapy services to victims of child abuse and their families.

NYCC also offers professional training on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of child abuse. All of the programs and services at NYCC are completely free of charge. NYCC is a not-for-profit organization that relies on donations to cover the costs of operations. NYCC serves all families, including those without insurance. When children come to the Center, they are greeted by specially trained staff, colorful murals on the walls and a playroom filled with toys. In addition to evaluation and treatment, the children at NYCC also benefit from tutoring, mentoring and extracurricular events.

NYCC serves children from all five boroughs of New York City. Clinical social workers and psychologists are onsite to help children and their families. Their Therapy Program provides specialized treatment to victims of child abuse. They provide weekly individual therapy to help children address and recover from their traumatic experience. They also conduct group therapy to get maximum results.

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Source: New York Center for Children

Images courtesy Vivian Van Dijk

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