Suggestme Creates Your Personal City Map

Tourist are fed up with fiddly maps with information they’re not interested in. They’ve had enough of ones that fall to pieces in their hands at the slightest drop of rain. And no one wants to pay excessive roaming charges while trying to find a café or museum on a holiday. The Dutch start-up Suggestme has a solution to all three of these problems that transforms your city map into something completely personal and useful for your trip.

Suggestme’s website allows travelers to create their own personal city map by selecting hotspots suggested by other travelers and locals on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Along with key landmarks and information these hotspots are then transferred onto a city map.

The maps are printed in top-quality A3 format on waterproof material that cannot be torn, and sent directly to the customer at home - ready for use in the city of their choice.

Henk Jan Bijmolt, one of the founders behind Suggestme, explains: "Our research shows that tourist maps are used on average 22 times a day so normal maps can quickly disintegrate. Our maps are incredibly durable and will withstand heavy duty usage.

"The city map is also personalized on both the front and the back, on one side with the personal city map, and on the other with extensive information including addresses and opening times for the hotspots that the traveler has personally selected.

"Furthermore, the social media element of the site allows the traveler to be aware of the hotspots that locals and other travelers are talking about at that moment in time. By combining online interaction with a personal city map it allows the individual to get the most out of their city trip with a truly bespoke experience."

Suggestme offers a personal map service for the following cities in Europe and America: Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, New York, London, Stockholm, Boston, Prague, Rome, Paris, and Istanbul.

Maps can currently be sent to Europe, America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

About Suggestme

Suggestme is a site that lets you easily create your own personal city map.

For over a year now Suggestme has been analyzing millions of tweets, Facebook mentions and foursquare check-ins. Their team constantly adds context and cross references the social data. The result is up-to-date rich social data that provides you with suggestions for popular things to do in cities across the world. Suggestme is also able to tell you when a certain tourist attraction is at its least crowded.

Source: Suggestme

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