Atomyzer Smartphone Case Stores, Sprays Liquids

Smartphone owners make sure their devices are always within an arm’s reach, but often another commodity would be just as handy – hand sanitizer, cologne, or perfume. With the new Atomyzer Smartphone case that sprays liquids, smartphone owners can have the liquid of their choice at hand in one convenient case. The creators of Atomyzer have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $20,000 by June 9 to help with finalizing the prototype and bringing the new product to market.

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How the Atomyzer Works - Perfume Sprayer Smartphone Case

Equipped to house a number of different liquids, such as fragrances, hand sanitizers, or even mouth fresheners, the liquid quantities housed with the case cartridge are airline approved. "I conceived the idea for Atomyzer when I was flying light with only a carry-on bag and was made to check it in because I carried my cologne with me," said CEO and Founder of Atomyzer Rahul Dharod. "There are travel-sized alternatives, but none are truly as handy as having it right there in your pocket connected to your phone."

The case‘s functionality and foundation are built on three key components: a refillable cartridge, a lockable nozzle, and a secure encasing. Each component was designed and perfected to make the case secure and completely leak-proof. "Atomyzer was created to maximize convenience for users so they can always have their favorite fragrance or hand sanitizer handy," said Dharod.

When the product is ready to launch into the worldwide market, Atomyzer will retail for $35, but supporters of the crowdfunding campaign can enjoy a special early bird price of $20 while the limited quantity lasts. Those wishing to sell Atomyzer can support the campaign and get a special pricing – 20 Atomyzers for $460 or 50 Atomyzers for $1,100.

Atomyzer Indigogo Campaign

Though Atomyzer is only in design for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s smartphone models, future model plans for Atomyzer include cases to fit other models of smartphones as well as possibly introducing a small, built-in makeup kit, pepper spray, asthma medicine sprays and mouth fresher sprays. “The possibilities are endless,” said Dharod.

About Atomyzer

An innovative design and technology company, Atomyzer Inc. located in Emeryville, Calif., is the creator of the world’s first smartphone case that sprays. The Atomyzer case was created to provide users with the ability to always carry their hand sanitizers or fragrances with them.

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Source: Atomyzer

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