Dermastir Nanotechnology Shows Immediate Success

EYES IN Magazine Editor-in-Chief Vivian Van Dijk is live at the 12th Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress held in Grimaldi Forum of Monaco and was very happy to meet with representatives from Dermastir, including Ivan Pullicino, CEO and Managing Pharmacist for Alta Care Laboratoires. Vivian says, "Dermastir is a very innovative skin care brand. I am intrigued by their many innovations, especially about their use of nanotechnology. I will be happy to follow up with Mr. Pullicino, whose company has a spa in Rome, where I look forward to trying out their treatments and creams."

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Dermastir Innovations

Dermastir Collagen Fillers - Nanotechnology

Dermastir Collagen Filler

Dermastir collagen fillers using nanotechnology are the latest new entries to the Dermastir range. Ingredients are presented in a powder filler form that is made up of particles that when entering the skin are smaller than 40 nanometers. The fact that the ingredients visibly penetrate the skin helps to convince clients to give this product a try. Clinical trials using visual diagnostic measures and polarized light show that from the first application the filling process is a success.

Alta Care Laboratoires has launched:

- Dermastir Collagen Filler indicated mainly for closing wrinkles;
- Dermastir Eye & Lip Contour Filler indicated to reinforce the thin layers of skin surrounding the eye and lip contour;
- Dermastir Luxury Filler indicated mainly for closing open pores;
- Dermastir Scar Repair Filler indicated for minor wounds, scar repair, post operations, burns, acne scars, etc.

Dermastir collagen fillers have to be applied constantly using special massage techniques that are described on the insert leaflet found in the box. Spa managers and pharmacists can also give demonstrations to show the way the collagen filler has to be applied. The use of 1 ampoule per week is recommended, for at least 4 weeks. This methodology is due to the fact that it takes 4 weeks for the lower layers of the skin to regenerate and form part of the upper layer of the skin. In cases where intensive action is required one can use 2 ampoules per week.

Dermastir collagen fillers are used in all aesthetic treatments by Alta Care Laboratoires. The dermastir collagen fillers are applied as a finishing touch after the facial massage at the end of the aesthetic treatment.

Dermastir Blue Lotus Stem Cell Serum

Dermastir Blue Lotus Stem Cell ampoules

Dermastir blue lotus stem cell serum are made in France and presented as a thick blue serum in glass ampoules.

Dermastir blue lotus stem cells serum help to regenerate and smooth the skin by fighting against glycation (a phenomenon preventing the renewal of collagen and elastin fibers) thereby contributing to cell’s balance while tightening skin. The resurrection of the five thousand year old "Super Flower Elixir" of the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, known as: "The Flower of Immortality that contained the Elixir of Life".

The skincare properties of the blue lotus flower contain health giving phytosterols, powerful antioxidants, bioflavonoids and phosphodiesterase inhibitors.

The Secret of the Pharaohs - Blue Lotus Flowers

dermastir blue_lotus flower

Blue Lotus Flowers were found scattered all over Tutankhamen's body when the Pharaoh's tomb was opened in 1922. Blue Lotus is often depicted in Egyptian Art held in the hands of the gods and royalty. The Blue Lotus flower is the most common image found in the tombs and temple walls in the great pyramids of Egypt. It is said to be the Soma of the Egyptians symbolizing life and rebirth. It was found to be traditionally and effectively used, to regenerate, relieve inflammation and to increase circulation. The Blue Lotus elixir has often been referred to as the "Egyptian Fountain of Youth". Experience for yourself with Dermastir Blue Lotus serum what the Pharaoh's knew and kept for themselves. "The Magical Botanical".

Dermastir Biocellular Post-op Masks

Dermastir Biocellular post op mask

Dermastir biocellular post-op masks hydrate and decrease redness. It is a second skin post operative mask that is produced using bio-technology. This means that bacteria are used to produce nanofibres that in turn form a matrix. The cross-linked matrix formed is identical to the collagen fibre matrix that is formed in the skin.

The nano fibres produced using bio technology helps the mask to fit much better on the face. The Dermastir biocellular mask is needed in post-op since after operations the skin is highly sensitive. The Dermastir Biocellular mask helps to hydrate the skin in an incredible manner because of this biocellular matrix that mimics the skin. The trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) is decreased drastically when using the Dermastir biocellular mask and this is very important to give back hydration to the skin. The Dermastir biocellular mask has a cooling effect which helps to decrease the skin temperature, a main problem after peeling, fillers, botox and laser. Another problem apart from the dehydration and the increase in temperature is the redness in the skin which is diminished when using the Dermastir biocellular mask in post-op. The transdermal release of ingredients also help to decrease the redness, temperature and the trans epidermal water loss.

Dermastir Eye Contour Gel

Dermastir Eye_20Contour_20Gel

Dermastir offers a stable pH for eye contour.

The pH stability of the eye contour gel is kept since the Dermastir eye contour has a vacuum airless packaging. In cosmetology it is important to keep the pH of the eye contour gel at a pH of 6.5 similar to the tears. Many eye contour creams and gels are not in airless packaging and this causes alteration in the pH stability of the eye contour.

The Dermastir airless packaging protects the the Dermastir eye contour from oxidation and contamination which lowers the pH. The vacuum flask technology used by Alta Care Laboratoires protects the eye contour cream and gel from heat which alters the pH. When buying an eye contour it is very important to select an eye contour with an airless packaging so that the pH is maintained. The Dermastir eye contour is packaged in a 35 ml packaging because the stability of the ph is maintained unlike competitors that have to resort to store their eye contour cream in small 15 ml or 20ml packaging.

Alta Care Laboratoires

Alta Care Laboratoires is a privately owned independent multinational company founded in France with the European Union as the main market. With over twenty years of experience in professional consultancy in all the stages required for manufacturing and branding, over the years Alta Care Laboratoires has produced products for other multinational companies. Alta Care Laboratoires research and development department has handed over many innovative formulations of pharmaceutical quality to other companies throughout the years. Alta Care Laboratoires is now also well known worldwide for being specialised in the registration of dossiers in the European Union. Alta Care Laboratoires immediately expanded its know-how in the manufacture of cosmeceuticals, food supplements, nutriceuticals and biotechnology to produce an exclusively innovative line of products to compliment the existing line of pharmaceuticals.

Alta Care Laboratoires owns 16 brands and today it produces over 300 products that are distributed in pharmacies of 27 countries. Dermastir is the luxury skincare brand owned by Alta Care Laboratoires that is also sold in medical spas as well as in pharmacies.

Alta Care Laboratoires is directly and completely involved in the daily management of the company's business affairs, centralised at the head office in a historic building on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, in Paris, with its very luxurious facilities. Alta Care Laboratoires operations and the sales and marketing office is based in central Rome in a 5-storey head office overlooking the most famous square for luxury in Italy, Piazza di Spagna. Training centres, medical spas, beauty centres in association with spas and the Institut Alta Care and other universities have also been set up in France and Italy. Alta Care Laboratoires annually participates as exhibitor in more than 20 fairs and congresses.

Alta Care Laboratoires is also a major international player in the branding of products on printed media, television, international trade fairs and cinema. Alta Care Laboratoires owns 11 websites that are taken care of internally by a multilingual press office.

Today Alta Care Laboratoires is recognized as a specialist in the luxury market of derma-cosmeceuticals. Luxury vacuum airless technology jars have been created to protect ingredients from heat, light, oxygen and contamination. Hydrophilic serums and lipophilic serums are used during the aesthetic treatments in licensed Dermastir Beauty Spas. Alta Care Laboratoires has also produced 14 aesthetic machines that are used to compliment the Dermastir products during facial and body treatments.

Alta Care Laboratoires will not only be remembered as a pharmaceutical consultancy company but also as an independent multinational company with its vision and its own brands.

"Alta Care Laboratoires will continue to be a leader and promoter of development, research and the change that is necessary to improve the quality of the world of well-being. The company will invest a lot of its resources in order to cope with the ever more regulated and fast environment and to set up an organisation capable of anticipating an ever-changing future in this field, unlike other companies that seem to think that this environment will not change much and that people will continue to use their products. Alta Care Laboratoires will always maintain that its first responsibility is to satisfy both the professionals recommending our products and the customers benefiting from them".

Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress

The Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress is one of the most important international congress in the field of global anti-aging prevention. This year, applications and latest innovations of anti-aging medicine for the well-aging will be part of the program.

Source: Vivian Van Dijk and Dermastir
Image Credit: Vivian Van Dijk

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