NOVA Scent Bar at Martha Stewart Fair

NOVA Scent Bar at Martha Stewart Fair

EYES IN™ Magazine Editor-in-Chief Vivian Van Dijk was able to attend the Martha Stewart Fair in Manhattan, where she met NOVA Scent Bar founder, Julia Zangrilli. She was very impressed with the offerings of NOVA and their commitment to phthalate-free perfumes.

NOVA was founded in 2012. Following individual study in New York capped by certification in raw materials from the Grasse Institute of Perfumery in 2011, Julia Zangrilli set up a home lab seeking to make interesting fragrances. Learning to blend began with understanding of oil dynamics and progressed via experiments in fragrance structure - often by way of blending personal scents for friends. It was through these instinctual trials that Julia developed her particular style of fragrance composition. Over time, the habit of working with others lead to an organic collaborative system by which custom formulas are built from scratch and tailored to a person's taste and skin/chemistry. NOVA's mission is to make beautiful, one of a kind products using high quality materials. All products are phthalate-free, all manufacturing takes place in New York City, all formulas are created by Julia in the Brooklyn studio - located at 292 New York Avenue.

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About NOVA

NOVA creates custom eau de parfums and colognes from the ground up. They are completely original formulas which are directed by clients' taste, specification and skin. Using fine ingredients, each blend is composed with thought and care by NOVA founder and perfumer Julia Zangrilli. The process begins with a series of questionnaires, followed by an in-person or long distance scent evaluation. Through this process, Julia is able to work with each client to hone in on a group of unique fragrance notes best suited to them. These notes are skin-tested on the client before being selected for formulation. A series of blends are then created and presented for continued on-skin testing. Clients then choose their favorite version for bottling. Final formulas are recorded and filed for re-order.The full timeline for creating an original eau de parfum/cologne ranges from 2-4 months, depending on nature of formula, locale and scheduling. Refills have 1-2 week lead time depending on materials. Clients requiring any mail delivery are asked to select the shipping option at time of check-out. Clients wishing to change their formula structure entirely - following initial pairing and formula creation - are accommodated at additional rates. Products are exchangeable only upon flaw in manufacture, as such we retain samples of each eau de parfum/cologne we manufacture.Phthalate-free.

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Image Source: Vivian Van Dijk

Add'l Source: NOVA 

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