Vitamin B3: Go-to Ingredient for Anti-Aging

Heralded as doctors' "favorite new way to moisturize," Vitamin B3 has become the go-to ingredient for putting the brakes on aging in the nutricosmetics industry. Aveya Beauty's own Niacinamide Cream With Vitamin B3 at 5% is highly regarded for its quality and reliability.

"At 5% concentration, we produce the only clinical-strength niacinamide cream on the market," explained Darren Miller, president of Aveya Beauty. "Not only that, we guarantee our cream's effectiveness."

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Examining the many benefits of vitamin B3 as a topical cream reveals why it's in such demand. Vitamins are natural compounds, for one thing, and won't cause the irritation or dryness that's associated with harsh, chemical treatments. They're also readily absorbed by the skin and go to work immediately to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Aging is the skin's number one enemy; natural production of vitamin B3 declines with age, allowing skin to sag and lose its shine. At the same time, an increase in free radicals (molecules that break apart cell structures) undermines the resiliency of the skin. Niacinamide cream works from the inside out to rebuild these vital structures, helping the skin to retain moisture repair damaged cells.

Another major benefit of Niacinamide Cream With Vitamin B3 is its ability to fight acne. Traditional acne topical creams contain antibiotics that, while effective, come with some side effects, including irritation and increased bacterial resistance. Aveya Beauty's Niacinamide cream has proven just as effective as antibiotics without these adverse reactions.

The science behind niacinamide affirms its powerful anti-aging properties. Vitamin B3 strengthens and moisturizes cells from within by increasing capillary dilation and blood flow. Protein production also increases, helping to restore cells to their youthful elasticity. Even Dr. Mehmet Oz has embraced the vitamin B3 revolution. In a recent segment on his popular daytime show, he discussed why vitamin B3 is so beneficial in topical form and how it works to plump the skin.

Aveya Beauty ( prides itself on delivering safe, all-natural, consistent and effective products to the consumer. Every nutricosmetic from Aveya is manufactured in the USA and bears the FDA and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) seals of approval.

Each month, the first 500 bottles of Niacinamide Cream With Vitamin B3 are available at 40% off. Aveya Beauty believes this special offer is just one more way to set itself apart from competitors. All products come with a 100% money back guarantee; ordering through Amazon ensures fast, professional delivery.

About Aveya Beauty

Aveya Beauty creates high quality, premium products that are designed to maximize beauty, confidence, and belief. The company's unique formulations have been used by salon professionals and customers around the world and is now available as part of the Aveya Beauty Professional collections.

Aveya Beauty has a 100% commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction, backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Source: Aveya Beauty

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