7thousandmilesaway to Document the World's Street Food

The company of Ospitaletto is supporting the Project 7milamiglialontano (7thousandmilesaway).

"Is it possible to ensure a good, healthy, sufficient and sustainable alimentation for all humanity?" It’s the question that heats up the challenge of Expo 2015, and which has guided the work of many companies for years; concerned with providing a sustainable product in compliance with the environment in which we live.

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7thousandmilesaway - We Are What We Eat

Leader in the production of components for gas cooking appliances, two times winner of the Award for the Corporate Social Responsibility Report for the awareness and responsibility with which it directs the whole work and production, Sabaf is already in line from few years with Kyoto 2020’s objectives.

It isn’t therefore only a coincidence that Sabaf has decided to sponsor the Project 7MilaMigliaLontano, 7thousandmilesaway: around the World in 7 stages, during which a team of 42 communication professionals will alternate with the purpose of documenting the situation of today’s humanity through writing, photography and filming, using food and eating habits as search keys in the light of the atavistic saying, "We are what we eat."

At the end of the trip a photo book will be made regarding the subject of street food: a true photographic encyclopedia about food, a unique representation of mondiality. The publication will then be enriched by backstage pictures, detailed text and movies. It’s expected to be a limited edition of only 2000 boxed sets.

A journey that will last seven months by land and two months by sea for an adventure that will follow the following stages:

June / July 2014 Italy – Kazakhstan
July / August 2014 Kazakhstan – China
September / October 2014 Alaska -­ Guatemala
October / November 2014 Guatemala – Bolivia
November / December 2014 Bolivia -­ Argentina
Feb / March 2015 South Africa -­ Ethiopia
March / May 2015 Ethiopia – Italy, arriving to Milan for the Expo opening date.

Source: 7thousandmilesaway

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