Roca Brothers 'el somni': An Extraordinary Dream

EYES IN Magazine Editor-in-Chief Vivian Van Dijk is live at Berlinale and reviewed the Roca Brothers 'el somni' culinary film experience. "El somni" means, "the dream." Vivian writes, "In the film, el somni, the Roca Brothers show the 'Culinary Arts of the Future.' Eating is shown as a real form of art in where it shows that when all senses are used or compared while consuming food, it can lead to an extraordinary experience and at the same time is an exclusive form of entertainment.

"I can't wait to see the Roca Brothers open up restaurants around the world based on this concept. I would be really happy to suggest some EYES IN Creators that could be part of adding creation to these suburb, sophisticated and amazing culinary arts experiences.

"I'm also really happy to share with you an in depth interview with the Roca Brothers in our EYES IN Magazine May Edition."

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'el somni' (The Dream), the film by the Roca Brothers, Franc Aleu and Mediapro premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in the Culinary Cinema section.

el somni is a unique film, promoted and produced by Mediapro, in collaboration with the Barcelona City Hall, showcasing the creative process of more than 40 artists who took part in this singular dining experience. The event revolves around a 12 course dinner featuring the culinary creations of the Roca Brothers and directed by distinguished innovator of contemporary opera Franc Aleu, offering the viewer a never-seen-before experience through a multi-format performance.

The Roca Brothers

EYES IN Magazine featured the Roca Brothers in more than one article, including one celebrating their top finish in The World's 50 Best Restaurants.

The Roca Brothers, Joan, Josep and Jordi, opened El Celler de Can Roca, a restaurant just outside Girona, Catalonia in northern Spain, in 1986 and it now holds three Michelin stars. It was named the best restaurant in the world, having been previously been ranked as the second for two years, by The World's 50 Best Restaurants.

el somni Film by the Roca Brothers

The film uses documentary film combined with the narrative resources of experimental film, fiction and animation. The creative talents of musicians, poets, artists, composers, singers, and visual artists from around the world come together for a dining experience fusing art and cuisine. el somni shatters the boundaries of every artistic, spatial and conceptual discipline to create a marriage between opera and gastronomy, with art and intellectual thought as the driving forces behind the project. The experience provides spectators with an opportunity to witness the birth of this adventure and to delve into the underlying creative emotions of the discourse that is the Roca Brother cuisine, which aims to recreate the experience of the dinner guests in attendance at the event held in Barcelona in May 2013.

el somni preparacio 2

The film affords cinemagoers an up-close look at the Roca Brothers’ singular form of creation and their take on life which has enabled them to create an internationally acclaimed cuisine. The viewer is not simply a mere onlooker, but also a witness to the emotions created using food and via images designed by Franc Aleu, in collaboration with artists, musicians, and world-class designers. These include such renowned creators as Peret, Roland Olbeter, Carlos Fesser, Luca Francesconi, Pedro Alcalde, Sergio Caballero, Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Elena Katz Chernin, Albert Guinovart, Wolfgang Mitterer, Bernat Vivancos, Albert Pla, Carles Duarte, Pau Riba, Rafael Argullol, Arturo C. Urbina, Mariona Castelar, Roos Van de Velde, Taller Luesma Vega, Pere Gifré, Daniel Molina, Joan Crous, Andreu Carulla, Sabiote Innova, Elaine Mitchener, Kolja Blacher, Ravid Goldschmidt, Judit Farré, Clàudia Schneider, Ilona Schneider, Mariona Castelar, Ferran Carvajal, Anna Roblas, Andreas Jankowitsch, Latvian Radio Choir, Pau Codina, Marta Requena, Maria Bou, Alba Aro and Oleguer Aymamí.

El somni preparacio 10 - Franc Aleu i Zubin Mehta

The el somni dinner brings together twelve people from very different walks of life, each one of whom excels in their own field and who share one common denominator: the curiosity to experiment, to go beyond the boundaries of the senses.

El somni preparacio 13 - Joan Roca & Franc Aleu

Ferran Adrià, chef and co-owner of El Bulli; Rafael Argullol, novelist, poet and essayist; Miquel Barceló, artist; Joël Candau, an anthropologist specializing in sensory sciences; Bonaventura Clotet, one of the leading international experts in HIV research; Nandita Das, actress and one of the most renowned directors in Indian cinema; Abderrahmane Kheddar, world-leading expert in the science of touch, virtual reality and humanoid robotics; Ben Lehner, a biologist and researcher and one of the most brilliant scientists in his field; Harold McGee, author specializing in the chemistry, technique and history of food and cooking; Freida Pinto, actress who has starred in films including 'Slumdog Millionaire' and 'You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger'; Josep Pons, music director of the Liceu Barcelona Opera House; Lisa Randall, theoretical physicist and leading expert on cosmology. The presence and testimony of these twelve renowned individuals endorses the creative process which is “el somni”.

el somni preparacio 8

el somni is the third full-length feature in which Mediapro participates to be presented at the prestigious Berlin Film Festival. Prior to this year’s edition, the company presented Comandante by Oliver Stone, at the 2003 edition of the Berlinale and Amador by Fernando León de Aranoa in 2011.

Source: el somni

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