EYES IN™ Magazine Edition 51 Features the World's Most Innovative Creators

This month welcomed the 51st edition of EYES IN™ Magazine, featuring in-magazine videos, slide-shows and more, all while remaining ad-free.

EYES IN™ Magazine Edition 51 showcases the world's innovative creators from architecture, science, film, culinary arts, and health. EYES IN™ Magazine Edition 51 explores the innovation of filmmaker Paul Lazarus and his work on a documentary about the world's water crisis; Alzheimer's expert, Dr. Wes Ashford and his advice on how to protect oneself in the aging process, culinary taste-maker Salvatore Rizzo and his culinary classes, and an innovative project from world renowned architect, Daniel Libeskind.

“I think there is no better way to start the New Year than with great positive energy. I'm ready for a year full of innovation, discoveries, meeting inspiring people with brilliant mindsets, financing their projects and companies, changing the world for the better, developing new ventures, and aspiring to a fabulous future and an intense living in the present,” said Editor-in-Chief of EYES IN Magazine & Art Director, Vivian Van Dijk.

Just one of the highlights of EYES IN™ Magazine Edition 51 is a look behind the scenes of the making of the fascinating film, Slingshot, from filmmaker Paul Lazarus. The award-winning director, producer and writer partnered with Segway inventor Dean Kamen to show his work to solve the world's safe water crisis via an innovative water filter. “It’s staggering to me that a necessity like water is taken for granted and people don’t know the reality of our situation….The point of the movie is that it is a solution, and we need them all, and we need to start welcoming these changes and not be resistant to it all. We need to look at places like Singapore, which recycles all of its water, or Israel, which uses nuclear power for the desalinization of water,” said Lazarus.

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