Elie Saab Reinvents Himself With New Collection

EYES IN™ Magazine Editor-in-Chief Vivian Van Dijk met up with world renown designer & EYES IN™ Featured Creator Elie Saab at Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris. The creative designer had just finished unveiling his powerfully seductive AW15 Haute Couture collection.

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Elie Saab Creates Jaw Dropping Haute Couture Collection

The Inspiration for the Elie Saab Haute Couture AW15 collection comes from history - a personal history, the heritage of the House of Elie Saab and its founding designs of the nineties. His work of that era, of delicately embroidered gowns in signature shades of rich gold, contunes to symbolize the excellence of Elie Saab, its DNA, and its foundation in the savoir-faire of Haute Couture. That is the starting point for a collection devoted to grandeur, opulence, and the beauty of women, a homage to the essence of Elie Saab. Gold is the leitmotif color of the collection inspired by those original gowns that established the Elie Saab name on the global fashion stage, reinterpreted this season to evoke the glistening, golden palaces of Byzantium.

The catwalk itself, flanked with gilded panes, represents a contemporary Byzantine palace, while golden thread runs throughout the collection. It's picked up in embroideries, in shades of white and rose gold, antique gold mixed with delicate verdigris green, and also rich burgundy and green, opalescent pink and peridot. A jewel box of colors, like the multi-hued fragments of a Byzantine micro mosaic. Golden laurels are woven into the hair and decorate wrists and ears as filigree fine bijoux. Fusing jewelry with dress, delicate golden chains clasp waists and span shoulder, suspending fluid silks and chiffon. Hand worked, not two embroideries are alike, a dazzling cavalcade of technique. New geometries are discovered, in the forms of vines and foliage as well as the graphicism of Byzance motifs. Delicate lace appliques and beadwork give surfaces a three dimensional effect. Search inside each embroidery and you will find a flower, the enduring emblem of the House of Elie Saab. The lines of the gowns are varied, full and slender sitting side by side, a diverse wardrobe of options.

Empire lines and ballerina lengths offer fluidity, emphasized by the lightness and delicacy of crepe de chine, chiffon and silk tulle. Lace is intricately worked to give a lingerie effect, a hint of seduction, but cut with graphic precision possible only in Haute Couture. Sumptious velvet and mink highlight the collection's varied colors in accessories. Shoes are flat, bodies moving graciously. The finale bursts into brilliant gold - the wedding gown. This time it appears not only as the traditional finale to the House's show, but as its very soul. In 1990, Cluadine Saab walked down the aisle in a golden Elie Saab wedding gown, exquisitely embroidered. July 4th marked the 25th anniversary of the marriage of Mr. & Mrs. Saab, a moment that continues to inspire the heart of Elie Saab.


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Source: Elie Saab

Photos Courtesy of Elie Saab

Additional Photo Courtesy of Vivian Van Dijk

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