Fred Sathal Creates Rare Pieces, Like a Magical Philtre

EYES IN™ Magazine Editor-in-Chief Vivian Van Dijk is covering Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture live and met with designer Fred Sathal backstage and viewed her latest collection.

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About Designer & Maison Fred Sathal

Designer and visual artist, born in Marseille in 1966, whose work embodies various identities, in which she officiates for haute couture, stage arts and contemporary art. She creates rare pieces, like a magical philtre, which would bring happiness by bandaging the individual.

Works that give their owners the possibility to escape from uniformity. An approach based on a deep pulse of freedom, overlapping ideas, techniques, effects. An undefined road where only her capacity to follow the flow of energy guides the gesture.

Fred Sathal opens the way to her artistic development in Marseille with theatrical costume.

She moved to Paris in the early 90s, and presented her first collection of ready-to-wear in 1994.

Immediately acclaimed for her originality, her staging filled with strange creatures, her unique technics of volume utilization, cutting, material and ornamentation. A dozen collections will follow during that decade.

In 2000, she made a remarkable entrance in the world of Haute Couture, producing unique pieces, real pieces of art. Her work is now in the collections of the Musée de la Mode de Marseille, au Musée Galliera et au Musée des Arts décoratifs de Paris, the Fonds National d'Acquisition d'Art Contemporain in Puteaux and several other foundations.

Fred Sathal’s universe goes far beyond fashion. Along the years, she also works on contemporary art exhibitions and installations, but also designs and produces costumes and stage sets for theatre and dance.

In 2009, a monographic book, “SATHAL CREATURES” – Edition Images en Manoeuvres, traces her 20 years of protean creations.

Artistic Approach

She works on materials and fabrics, moving them from their reality, in a plastic approach, rich of inventions, flamboyance, detachment from dogmas and all sorts of established manners, her works carries the value of being free.

She uses manipulations, procedures she invents and develops through an alchemy only her has the secret.

Her needle meddles in tiny interstices. Her achievements end up very elaborated in their details. She shows the inside and outside, each piece is reversible.

Her pieces of art, whether they are clothing, plastic, photographic, have a familiar and strange feeling at the same time… devoured, crushed, woven, coloured, embroidered, tattooed, stamped, tied, lacerated.

She draws her inspiration from accidents, randomness, desire, to develop and push the result towards an infinity of perceptions and intuitions.

She elaborates from spontaneity and transforms this almost nothing into an obsession of a meticulous expert.

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Source: Fred Sathal

Photographs courtesy of Vivian Van Dijk

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