Georges Hobeika Sculpts for the Contemporary Renaissance

EYES IN Magazine Editor-in-Chief Vivian Van Dijk is live at Haute Couture of Paris Fashion Week. She attended the Georges Hobeika show and had the following to say about the collection: "Georges Hobeika is the royalty of the Haute Couture. Deep colors and designs that could have walked out of a Renaissance painting, but with a contemporary twist. Classic Haute Couture at its best in where sophistication stands for beauty and in where Hobeika knows perfectly to reveal the fine line between dressed-to-impress and the elevation of the feminine attractiveness of princesses in this world. Hobeika sculpts his dresses above the level of a woman's inner power while putting her elegance at the highest level."

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Georges Hobeika Video Clips from Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture

For Fall-Winter 2014/15, Georges Hobeika, inspired by the timeless work of Claude Monet, paints a woman of grace from the fantasy of dreams.

Georges Hobeika

Accentuating the female form is nothing less than a labor of love for couture designer Georges Hobeika. For over 20 years, his passion an inborn talent have combined to envision masterpieces that exude femininity and sensuality with a creative touch that is all his own. From inspiration to creation, every Hobeika design is the quintessential expression of a woman's inner beauty and seductive nature perfectly balanced with virtuous grace.

The son of a seamstress, Georges Hobeika discovered his love for fashion design as he fulfilled his mother's request to assist her in servicing her growing clientele. While his study of civil engineering had proved invaluable for the sketch work, it was Georges Hobeika's imagination and raw embroidering talent that won the hearts of his mother's younger clients and beckoned his future in couture creation. Intrigued by fabrics and the thrill of creating his own designs, he took on an increasingly proactive role in the business and decided to travel to the heart of haute couture to pursue a career in fashion design more seriously.

In 1994, he ventured to Paris and pursued internships at prestigious fashion houses. The world of high fashion was enrapturing and proved the perfect arena for Georges Hobeika to hone his inborn talent. Shortly after, he returned home to open his own atelier in Beirut and continued to support his mother's work by fully integrating her clientele with his. Proud of his unique beginnings, Georges Hobeika is happy to see what started out as a small family business become the thriving fashion house it is today.

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Video credit: Vivian Van Dijk
Add'l Source: Georges Hobeika

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