Gia Ventola Narrates Nonchalant Beauty of Empowerment

EYES IN Magazine Editor-in-Chief Vivian Van Dijk enjoyed meeting with New York Fashion Week designer Gia Ventola, whose Spring Summer 2015 collection was themed, 'Whispered Beauty.'

Vivian writes, "Gia Ventola is a designer that only designs high-quality ensembles with the perfect fabrics. Her focus on creating a chameleon-like capsule collection is innovative and will allow any woman that wears her designs to fit the clothing to the event that they need to attend. Accessories can be added or left out and give a same piece of her designs a totally different look to fit an occasion. A lady wearing Gia Ventola business attire in the the morning can appear in a seductive look for an evening in the nightclub. Gia's designs are great for the travelling business women and for the lady on the move that is also attending the 'social butterfly circuit' in the evening."

Gia reminds us, 'I AM' are two of the most powerful words...for what you put after them shapes your reality. Gia writes, "I AM NYFW."

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Whispered Beauty by Gia Ventola for Spring Summer 2015

Essential lines of superfine light silks in nuances of smoke black meteorite and desaturated creamy white, combined with two hand-created original prints, are the elements of Gia Ventola's 'Whispered Beauty', entirely made in the USA.

The collection offers natural fibers of the finest silks: crepe back satins, silk back crepes, georgettes, charmeuse, broadcloth twills, jerseys, crepe de chine, European chiffons and organzas.

NYFW - Gia Ventola 6

Manipulating patterns in an eclectic range of luxe fabrics offers today's vision echoing in multiple variations of feelings, moods and textures.

The gems of the collection, perfect geometries in rare combinations of multiple undertone metal and vintage stones, are the essential of pure elements of these discreetly noticeable pieces.

An everlasting value of apparent simplicity, yet deep-rooted into Spring-Summer 2015 aesthetic, is the heart of this luxury ready-to-wear collection.

The narration of nonchalant beauty of an empowered woman is soaked into the vibrancy of New York City, where Gia Marina Ventola works and lives.

Elegance with a touch of quirkiness is the ethereal understated luxury, fully noticeable by educated attention to details.

Gia Ventola - the Philosophy

This is the geometry of the soul. This is the language that speaks of who "I AM". The balance between shadows and harmonic unexpected shapes sets the aura of tones that create an effortless, forever elegance.

NYFW - Gia Ventola 7

Gia Ventola is whispered beauty with a touch of quirkiness. She states:


"It's all about putting people in the spotlight.

"I enjoy offering VIP service and creating exclusive looks for all.

"It doesn’t matter your age or your body type, you have to find your specific fashion core of the ‘it factor’ of what makes you feel so beautiful.

"Having the opportunity to work with celebrities and clients from all over the world for over 20 years, it gave me the ability to understand what silhouettes work and which do not.

"Balancing a wardrobe and exploring many possibilities of harmonic colors (which you may have been afraid to explore) are key to one’s own fashion individual taste.

"When I have a client that approaches me I ask important questions, I ask their lifestyle, I talk, I carry a conversation, I get to know the client, so there is a comfort level and an open bond is created.

"AND that’s when the magic trust begins.

"When I receive a call from a client or they personally approach me, they say they got so many compliments and I will have these item(s) in my wardrobe forever.

"And that is why I AM in this fashion world, to make people find their – effortless – timeless – true beauty."

Gia Ventola Biography

Gia Marina Ventola has over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry.

She has worked in Italy, Japan and Paris, achieving a deep-rooted education of ready-to-wear with couture touch: she if the perfect crossover between New York's multi-faceted state of mind and Italian superb quality.

Ventola dresses some of the most elite celebrities: Beyonce, Nicole Kidman, Pink!, Elisabeth Moss, Sheryl Crow, among many others.

The brand today introduces innovative proposals to the fashion industry, with capsule RTW collections of timeless pieces.

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Add'l Source: Gia Ventola

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