Julius Designs: 'Sharp, Metallic Industrial Mayhem'

Count Prince Jarl Alexandre Alé de Basseville, EYES IN Corporation's President of International Affairs, is live at Paris Fashion Week, Men's Fashions. Next to being a fashion photographer, Jarl Alexandre Alé de Basseville has a keen eye for upcoming and establishing designers. Editor-in-Chief Vivian Van Dijk reviewed the show from NY:

"Designer Tatsuro Horikawa's metallic look is seeking a balance between sleek, edgy and at the same time manly designs. Definitely a niche market in the men's fashion world he has sought out. However, for sure a look that will attract the personality that transitions between the rock musician, the poet and the daring devil at the same time."

Here are the latest looks from Julius.

Julius Video 1 - Paris Fashion Week

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Julius Video 2 - Paris Fashion Week

Julius Designer Tatsuro Horikawa

Designer Tatsuro Horikawa started his own design company in 1996 with Third Stone Co. Ltd, followed the following year by his first fashion label, Nuke. The label was a large success but lasted only until his next major project was undertaken in Julius, started in 2001 as an art project to present audio and video presentations for Spring/Summer collections and art shows. The label grew from there becoming a full fledged fashion project that coincides with artistic endeavors from Horikawa.

The first presentation of clothing and audio/video projects from Julius occurred in 2004 with the Spring/Summer collection at the Tokyo Collection. A follow up show occurred at the Modern Art Gallery as well with paintings and abstract art pieces that inspired his clothing line.

Julius Designer Tatsuro Horikawa has long been known for his fusion of art and fashion into singular entities.

Julius Designer Tatsuro Horikawa Speaks

"I feel there are many different elements inside myself that contribute to the creation of a collection. I create the collection when these differing elements accumulate to such a point that they form into one exceptional vision or idea.

These elements are the following:

Art, Architecture, Music, Ambient Sound / Noise, Travel, Emotional Communication and my own internal creative urge. The aim is not only to create simply “clothing” but rather, to create and contribute to a person’s total life-style and existence. It’s a similar process to making a movie and a very sacred and profane thing. Sometimes the world of my imagination and vision becomes frayed and broken-down, chaotic and corrupt, the stillness sunk beneath loud vibrational noise, the purity and destruction contained within every Pilgrim. It's a sharp and metallic industrial mayhem.

Black is always the base of my creative palette. “Black” symbolizes the Avant-Garde and has a deep spiritual and noble meaning for me. I am obsessed by the image of “Black” in Japanese religion, in Zen. It represents the crazy darkness hidden in the shadows away from the light. It is the total color of complete and utter grief."

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Add'l source: Julius Garden

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