Legends: Pure Chemistry, Driven by Passion

EYES IN Magazine Editor-in-Chief Vivian Van Dijk and Count Prince Jarl Alexandre Alé de Basseville, EYES IN Corporation's President of International Affairs, were happy to attend the incredible show of Legends, by Bilal Barrage and Sylvia Sermenghi, as well as the after party in the VIP room.

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Legends by Sylvia Sermenghi and Bilal Barrage

"Created By Sylvia Sermenghi and Bilal Barrage, LEGENDS is a brand with an evocative name chosen for its references to the history of fashion and its legends. A story that is told and constantly renews itself with the labor and expertise of the largest creators and their studios. This fashion, revealing, that makes you dream and leave an indelible mark on every period of history.

"Driven by their passion, Sylvia Sermenghi and Bilal Barrage are perfectly complementary. One focuses on fashion from the past, in the movies for example, the other is in the present and willingly step towards the future. Pure chemistry that gives birth to a true philosophy of style. Transcending the legacy of the past and marrying it to today or tomorrow's innovations.

"The LEGENDS woman is multiple. Fiercely contemporary, rooted in the modern times, but keeping a real awareness for the legacy of the past. It is a traveling woman, cheerful, passionate. Strong and caring woman, she cherishes beauty and love. She radiates light, every day and every moment."

Bilal Barrage

"Bilal Barrage has known a childhood placed under the sign of travel. His many peregrinations around the world awakened in him acute observation and profound interest for art.

"After scientific studies, his passion for artistic fields prevailed, and it was towards fashion that he turned almost naturally, in 2008.
Influenced by the surrealist movement, which fall within the dream, the fantasy and the most intimate expression of the soul, Bilal Barrage starts by creating conceptual clothing. He deforms and stylizes reality, reaching an expressive dimension, symbolic and emotional. New proposal raised the attention of the press and the public during his first fashion show.

"His encounter with Sylvia Sermenghi marks a turning point in his career. An inspirational meeting where a real friendship was born and a mutual respect for each other's talent. They created together in 2012 in Monaco, the Couture label LEGENDS."

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Image Credit: Vivian Van Dijk
Add'l Source: Legends Monaco

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