Missoni AW14, Emotionally Connected to Nature

Tied to the aesthetic innovation and technical invention that have always changed the identity of knitwear, Missoni is one of the best known, loved and recognized fashion and design brands in the world.

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Missoni Style

Missoni style is the result of a partnership between two people. Tai and Rosita decided to set up a knitwear business in the sixties, and were soon at the cutting edge of Italian fashion. Missoni inaugurated and affirmed an unmistakable way of dressing and living: with a colorful “put-together” of zigzag motifs, stripes, waves and slub yarns in a patchwork of geometric and floral jacquard. The couple started a family and their children Vittorio, Luca and Angela, the brand’s creative director since 1996, grew up in direct contact with their parents’ work. Closely involved with the business, they took on increasingly responsible roles, becoming co-creators in a project that continues to seduce and excite today.

Missoni is now one of the best representatives of Italian fashion and design excellence around the world. With its pioneering multicolored aesthetic vision, it continues to influence the contemporary lifestyle, thanks also to the success of the Missoni Home line inaugurated in Edinburgh and Kuwait City at the Missoni Hotels.

Missoni Fall 2014 (Women's)

Evocative of the futurist Fortunato Depero’s geometrized “Rotations of dancer and parrots”, and of the surrealist mysterious bird-like women painted by Max Ernst, the Missoni Fall 2014 collection is defined by the vibrant, fiery, shimmery silhouettes of dresses that hover, twirl and spin.

Outfits that look luxurious and seductive like a plumage in motion, interlacing and interweaving graphic patterns, shades and iridescences. Spectacularly pulsing and endlessly redefining themselves in space.

The dynamic whirls of pleats and ruffles, plumed stitches, feathery prints on silk, macramé lace over space-dyed knits, diagonal patterns and pulsing embroidered borders are matched with the withstand perfectly outlined cut of coats and jackets in leather or wool.

Outwear as protective as a bird’s coat, with winged sleeves cut to the elbow that are marked by coexistences and interpenetrations of various fading shades. Exclusive knitting loom processing. Zig-zagged colorful borders of felt wool on calfskin.

The vivid shades of yellow and blue, red and orange mix & matched with black, powder and white are evoking the polychrome ornithological world of cocks, parrots, peacocks and birds of Paradise.

In a wardrobe which can be accessorized with long striped or space-dyed gloves and mittens in matching colors, embellished with colorful lush borders in fox or shaven mink. Wool caps with or without a pom-pom. High heels’ booties made in two-tones bands of patent leather and suede. Bauletto bag in black and powder calfskin printed with the vintage iconic Missoni logo print.

Missoni Winter 2014 (Men's)

The Missoni man, for Autumn/Winter 2014, draws his inspiration from wayfaring surfers riding their tidal wave around the world and his wardrobe reflects this unabating pursuit to be emotionally connected to nature.

This transitional offering features Missoni’s exclusive, loom knits in noble fibers, all produced in Sumirago, which are exemplified this season in a softly tailored, compact, cashmere, checked coat; Japanese-inspired wrapped shawl neck cardigan lined with shearling; loose fitted trousers and pullovers and Missoni’s iconic knit blazers all utilizing silhouettes, colour tones and textures that evoke the effortless and relaxed lifestyle of young, spirited surfers.

The distinctive use of deep, earthy colours resonates throughout the collection where charcoals, slates, midnight blues, olives and mineral browns hint at the rugged coastline the Missoni man has traversed. The use of maple reds, saffrons and teals that liken the awe-inspiring hues of a hypnotic sunrise sublimely elevate the character and essence of the collection.

Inspired by the creatures of the deep sea, Carnovsky, the Milan-based graphic design studio, has designed a novel print proving to be a dynamic collaboration with Missoni.

This season’s peculiar combination of yarns calls to nature, specifically textural coastlines where wool is twisted with flax and cashmere with yak.

The use of hydro-repellent, rubber-coated wool forms the basis of a notable second-season collaboration with Hancock of Scotland for Missoni outerwear. In addition, a shearling lined All Star Chuck Taylor using the distinctive Missoni wool/flax chevron and a Missoni mohair, fur-stitch lined All Star Chuck Taylor were created for the collection, advancing an ongoing and triumphant partnership with Converse.

Source: Missoni

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